Photograph of extra-solar planetary system!

An article in Science News today shows an infrared image of HR 8799 with three roughly Jupiter-sized planets around it! The speckling in the center (around the "+") is the star.

The same article shows two Hubble images of Fomalhaut taken 18 months apart. The two images show directly the orbital motion of a previously detected planet, Fomalhaut b.

Update (10:12 pm PST 13 Nov 2008): I've attached the two pictures from the SN article. The first is the IR composite of the three-planet system HR 8799; the second is Fomalhaut, showting the offset of Fomalhaut b between 2004 and 2006. I encourage you to read the actual article to get the details of how the data was obtained, and to judge for yourselves its veracity.

Update (12:05 pm PST 14 Nov 2008): The two articles are out in today's ''Science'' along with a news article and editorial (requires subscription).

HR 8799: Morois, et al.
Fomalhaut: Kalas, et al.

Picture of Photograph of extra-solar planetary system!
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Lftndbt9 years ago
Is the universe shrinking, or is it just me?
kelseymh (author)  Lftndbt9 years ago
It's just you: the rest of us are expanding --- or our pants sizes are....
Are you getting a bit excited?
kelseymh (author)  Lftndbt9 years ago
No, just older and fatter...happens in your forties....
te he he!
Lftndbt Lftndbt9 years ago
Wait.... that's not funny. I'll be forty one day. Doh!
kelseymh (author) 9 years ago
There's a new preprint claiming observation of a Jovian-mass planet orbiting at 8 AU around beta Pictoris. The image was acquired using image-subtraction techniques, and it isn't yet clear whether the object is a true planet, a coincidental alignment, or an instrumental artifact.
Recently I have been IN LOVE with astronomy. I think I'm going to make a group.
Nevermind, there's already two!

This one isn't really too much about astronomy.
Just about the items.

And here's a great website for checking up on science news.
It's mentioned in this forum topic.
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