Photography tutorial (get your work featured!)

One of the keys to getting your work featured is good photography.

At the very least, a really good thumbnail, taken from your first Introduction image, helps bring casual browsers to look at your work, and is good for sharing via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

This link focuses on a woodturning project, but has a lot of good advice useful for all Makers, including processing your images afterwards.

Highly recommended to anybody who cares about their projects.


Via @TomsWorkbench

Image from Three Seasons Woodturnings

Picture of Photography tutorial (get your work featured!)
andrea biffi11 months ago
Great tutorial, very comprehensive!
If somebody has been scared by the multitude of topics, I would add that with a little effort and an handful of tips (plus an external flash and a white cardboard) you can obtain satisfactory results!
shotgunshane11 months ago
good advice, probably should start doing that!
jessyratfink11 months ago
Oh, what a great write up! Thanks for posting this. :D
Kiteman (author)  jessyratfink11 months ago
You're welcome!
mazzmn11 months ago
Good tips and photography tutorial! I'm usually so excited about getting something working that a forget to focus on taking good pics...I need to work on that!! Thanks for the reminder