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Hi! I recently posted my instructable: it got put on the homepage and has tons of views but no likes, this may be because i made the 'ible quite long by adding photos directly into the html, making it harder to see the whole thing, should i remove the photos?

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It makes following things much easier if pictures are in the right stop and order.
Sometimes there might be too many pictures or redundant ones and unless they are required they could be removed, otherwise I actually prefer your style of things.

MakerBox (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago

thanks! though if that is not the issue, can you tell me what is wrong with my instructable?

I believe embedded images do not work well on mobile devices, maybe even not at all.

If you look at your project without the embedded images, does it make as much sense as it does with them visible?

MakerBox (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

sorted! thanks for the advice !

If they are embedded with a with preview size and it looks that way then they should work on the mobile screen as well.
When it comes to likes it is the same story as in other forums.
People look at it, download it or copy the page but only a rare few will click on a button to show their appreciation.
I had files in forum downloaded over 50000 times and got less than a handful of likes in return.....

I personally think embedded images look awful. If you need a description of each image, just use a new step. The picture is bigger that way and the formatting is much easier to read.

And I think it is a flaw of our outdated editing system ;)

How is it a flaw? You want to put a picture followed by text specific to that picture. That's how the editor is set up. Each step has pictures and text. It doesn't require you to put a book in each step. Make as many steps as you need. I've made ibles with one picture and one sentence in several steps.

Because the editor is as flexible as a house brick, not user friendly and lacks basic functions.
To say it as it is: Outdated, othwerwise we not need so many workarounds to make it actually work.
Keep in mind that not everyone want fixed positions and staeps for every picture....

You're going to have to be more specific, because the editor works great for me. It does what it's designed to do. It allows you to post images with associated text and looks good doing it. I've got over a hundred instructables and it's even easier in recent years with the updated image uploader. Fixed positions and steps makes it more user friendly for the reader and much more attractive.

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