Photoshop Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

'Judging has now been completed. And the winners of the shiny Photoshop patch are (drum roll please!)... n8man and Chicken2209! Congratulations and great job! I'll get around to giving you each a patch as soon as possible.'

It seems like user-run contests are all the rage these days so I thought I'd try one of my own out. I like to edit photos, so I thought I would start a contest about editing pictures. Here are the rules.

1. Find a picture you could edit.
2. Edit it! (You don't need to use Photoshop. There are some great free alternatives, like GIMP)
3. Come here and post the original photo along with your edited version.
4. The best two entries get a shiny Photoshop patch.
5. There is no limit on number of entries.
6. The judges are myself, Lithium Rain, and domindude10

So go ahead, start editing!

Picture of Photoshop Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
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Keith-Kid8 years ago
Oi, I forgot bout this!
Winner is pretty damn epic. Second, not so much.
n8man Keith-Kid8 years ago
Thank you
Chicken22098 years ago
threw on together really quick ( bad shoppin :( ) should be pretty self explanitory Couldnt think of a better idea
REA Chicken22098 years ago
ive seen this done with Rick Astley, but still creative nonetheless.
Chicken2209 REA8 years ago
yea, that was a pretty popular image
oooh, i'm a murderer, and I'm happeeeeeeee! I see a musical emerging.
That's pretty tidy, head maybe ever so slightly too big, but you can't really see the join - good one. L
yea, i noticed it afterwords so then I redid it and came out way too small its not really that clean, you cant see the join but you can see a error on the right side of the face
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