Photoshop Skills

Show off your Photoshop skills here! Anything cool you can do in Photoshop, post it! Here are a few things I did with Photoshop 7.
Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Please share. :)

How do you like the last one? It's my favorite. :)

I'll also put up the PSD files for these images if you like.

Picture of Photoshop Skills
Bleeding Pixel.tif
Shroom Graphic.tif
Apple Cube - Shadowed.tif
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That's awesome! I liked your old Instructables image better, but awesome job(s)!
1up (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
Really? Hmmm...

How do you like the cubed apple?
Way awesome.

errrm got a tonne of them...
robot pedia 2.jpgbritpissed robot.jpgford f-150 for comp. copy.jpgcrystal falls.jpgred sphere.psd.jpgfractal background.jpggoat bush.jpgACDCBlackguitar-wstand.jpgcrazy sig.jpgChevrolet-Corvette-C6-Z06-014 copy.jpgfractal-background.jpgpaddy-gouk-and-i-pointing.jpgCopy of cool pic gears copy.jpgmustang-chop.jpgW880i-poster.jpgweird-fractogradient-flower.jpgniccy and i stylized ta fuk.jpgreptile-skin-thing.jpgfire-girl-thing.jpgchrome-thing.jpgInstructable robot guitar.jpgcrazy industrial thing copy.jpg
What do you use to make the Instructables Robot images?
photoshop and I use vectors to do all the main line work and stuff and then rasterize it into the image...
1up (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Whoa! Man, you've done a lot. You're really good! I like the crazy industrial thing one.
Cheers mate... Liking your stuff, especially the 1up mobile, I made an 'ible on the industrial one... it's probably my favourite along with the one of me and my then gf at the time.
Bran9 years ago
1up (author)  Bran9 years ago
Those are really nice. How did you do the strawberry cube?
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