An Intro to Photoshop: My Tutorial List and Suggestions

Edit: I have moved this from photography to Tech because you have to have a computer, which is tech, and Photoshop or Gimp (not tech, but software). If you think I've put this in the wrong catagory, please suggest the correct one in the comments. I would put this under a software tab if there were any.

Would any one be interested if I made photoshop tutorials based on ideas given in the comments?

Ex: Make a retro background for (insert college of choice).
Ex: Make a B&W poster for an upcoming event, grungy

I would then (possibly, depending on feedback) make a tutorial of how I made your suggestion as well as post a high resolution finished product.

I'm self taught in the art of photoshop so I am by no means a professional.
I've added a few of my recent works just to give you an idea (I got the second idea from a tutorial...)

Also, if you feel you have or know of a good photoshop/gimp instructable, feel free to suggest it and I may add a link to it in the main thread.

-Photoshop 101: What You Need to Know!
(goes over the basics of Photoshop, includes the use and description of many tools)
-Photoshop Basics: A Building Banner
(goes over the basics of photo manipulation and techniques, includes detailed instructions on how to use more complicated tools)

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Dr.Paj (author) 6 years ago
Since many people commented on how detailed I described the tools in the building banner photoshop, I decided to make a new Instructable with the sole purpose of explaining and demonstrating the basic tools of Photoshop. I call it Photoshop 101

It even has its own logo! I may make more advanced additions to this Instructable once I recover from the all nighter that I pulled creating this one.

Also, I don't use Gimp, so if someone could confirm or deny if this is similar to Gimp in the Instructable comments, I would greatly appreciate it.
How do people afford photoshop?
use GIMP photo editor; its completely free, and quite similar. I also know of an in-browser editor which I can't seem to remember the name of. I'll get back to you on it.
Dr.Paj (author)  resophonicguitarist7 years ago
I got my version for free because I downloaded it from my college software website. Although I hear Gimp is nearly the same, except less refined. Did I mention it's free?
gimps awful.
Aw man, I wish I could.
i know, right!
Buy a slightly-out-of-date edtion.

I just looked on, and Photoshop elements v7 can be had for under $20, v8 for around $40.

spark2FLAME7 years ago
Hello! Followed your link and here I am... What would be cool is if you did a tutorial on explosions and creating them in photoshop. I would appreciate it (even sending me a message on how to do it) to spell words out of different objects and textures. (such as fire, clouds, etc.)
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