Photoshop is Awesome

My friend has Photoshop, and he is awesome with it. Here is a picture of what he did. That is me on the bike.

Picture of Photoshop is Awesome
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Deirdre1362 years ago

It is really wonderful.

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rustam2033 years ago

Yes! photoshop is the world lergest photo editing software.

Photoshop support is very good for my job

hunter9993 years ago

Agreed. Photoshop is brilliant! :-)

DIY93934 years ago
I do like PhotoShop but I think real art and photographs are better. :)
sproducts34 years ago
ya really it is amazing picks
Atomman8 years ago
I don't know whats better... Photoshop or Paint.Net?
i guessing that since one costs, alot, and people still use it more, then,
crapflinger8 years ago
definitely too much blur with relation to the background...also looks more like a Gaussian blur than a motion blur
Agreed... Motion is better.
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