Phun -- "Coolest science toy ever?"

Phun - the 2D physics sandbox, has been called the "Coolest science toy ever" by the folks at Bad Science.

Phun is a neat little physics simulation environment with gravity rules, etc., and a very simple real-time interface. Try it!

The free download is here.

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dombeef9 years ago
OE Cake is way better
OE Cake is discontinued. Whereas Phun is now Algodoo and is still being worked on. As far as I know.
i love it!
Derin9 years ago
i cant make something useful
westfw9 years ago
I dunno. I have trouble considering software "a toy." Model rockets are cool science toys. k'nex and lego and electronics sets are cool science toys - and physics is included for free! No simulation required!
Firebert0109 years ago
Downloaded. Looks really awesome.
Xellers9 years ago
This software looks very nice. I will try it out.
Brennn109 years ago
There are similar games to this....but this one is by far the best one that I have played!
Reminds me of crazy machines, but of course this has a more complex physics and vector engine :)
NachoMahma9 years ago
. That's tres kewl! I was very surprised at how fast it runs, even the carcrash demo (File...:Load Scene...:Load carcrash). . The DOS window that pops up scared me. heehee
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