Physics, the good, the bad, and the ugly ?

I have been going through a site that has a lot of good things in it, but I am unable to confirm all of it.
Has anyone ever read through this   Science/Physics miconceptions  site? 

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kelseymh6 years ago
I chose a dozen of the items at random (including the "92 elements" one), and they were all correct, as far as I could tell. Cameron's right about the wording being ironically fuzzy in some places, but what are you going to do?
Goodhart (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Thank you so much.....I really appreciate the help in this one.
CameronSS6 years ago
Speaking in an unofficial capacity as a resident Stoopid Noob, I can state that most of his explanations seem correct. A few are still somewhat poorly worded (weird, given that poor wording is one of the problems he's battling) or incomplete (for brevity, but still). And it's reminding me of all the things I was taught as a child that seemed sketchy at the time, but I didn't know enough to doubt.
Hmmm. Looking through more of them, I keep seeing weirdnesses that my high school physics teacher stated, then gave a complete explanation for why the misconception was totally wrong. Yay Mr. R___!
Goodhart (author)  CameronSS6 years ago
Thank you for your time and confirmation.
Goodhart (author)  CameronSS6 years ago
Yeah, that is the feeling I was getting, in a few cases it FELT like he was nit picking, but then I wasn't sure.
Kiteman6 years ago
To add to the mix of misconceptions:the dangers of DHMO.
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Chuckle, I had one of the original flyers put out before there was a web.....and I thought it was funny back then too :-)
PKM6 years ago
Hmm.. as the recipient of a fairly decent science education that list struck me as a mixture of "people think THAT?" and "Isn't that true? Wait... I've never really thought about it".

I've never seen the full balloon experiment but I'm fairly sure I would have spotted the problem with it once I understood buoyancy, but I'd never given full thought to why clouds made of tons of water stay in the sky.
Goodhart (author)  PKM6 years ago
Yeah I was finding the things I knew as true, and the things I could check as true also....the rest I wasn't so sure of, but maybe further research will confirm those also