PiTV - Raspberry Pi Media Centre Case

This is the first prototype for a new Raspberry Pi case I am working on.

Thought the community might enjoy a sneak peek.

The idea being that all the cables are routed to a nice convenient exit at the back. The video connector is left unused.

I will also produce a mirrored version of it which will place the video out connector coming out the back like the HDMI on this one.

This picture shows it fully loaded. For the most part the only cables that would be in place would be the Ethernet and Power cables. There is ample room for a media centre keyboard wireless usb adapter.

Will be available soon, email me@gmjhowe.com for early access and notification when the final version is for sale.

Picture of PiTV - Raspberry Pi Media Centre Case
PRKid4 years ago
Great job with this case! Are they up for sale? If so, where? Thanks!
nanosec125 years ago
I think this is the first 'commercially' available Rasberry Pi that I have seen. Are the cases 3D printed? and would you consider other colors as an option?

gmjhowe (author)  nanosec125 years ago
The case is laser cut, which is much more cost efficient. I plan to have various colour options, including both wood and acrylic based versions.

Also willing to develop case designs as per suggestions from the community.