Picnic with gorilla tape

I have long been a fan of gorilla glue, but only recently have I even checked out gorilla tape. I thought that duct tape was good enough for most needs, but now I'm pretty much converted over to gorilla tape. Here's why.

Last weekend a group that I work with was having a pig roast/potluck in the park. It was a little breezy and I was in charge of putting up some of the signs. I figured I'd give the gorilla tape a try as I was stopping off at the hardware store and it was near the vinyl rope I was picking up.

When I got to the potluck site there were some other guys there tearing off sheets of butcher paper to be used as tablecloths. To attach them to the tables they were using big pieces of blue painter's tape. It was ridiculous. Before they were halfway through some pieces were already taking flight, making them run back with more painter's tape.

Long story short, I started tearing off small pieces of the gorilla tape and it stuck all the paper down to the old wooden tables good and tight. Everything held strong during the picnic and during clean-up the tape held strong and the paper ripped when we were puling them off.

Summary: Gorilla tape is pricier than duct tape, but I ended up using less of it than if I were using duct tape and it held on stronger. Wasn't able to check about residue however.

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Goodhart8 years ago
I just checked and they no longer carry it, but American Science & Surplus (read Junk store) had, at one time, carried something called 90 mph (or 120 mph, or something) tape. Supposedly, having a 6 inch piece attached to something by one 2 of the 6 inches, and the tape would still hold in 90 (or 120) mph wind (or on the side of a vehicle going that fast).
90 MPH tape is what we used in the Army. Heavy olive drab stuff? I think it's halfway between duct tape and gorilla glue, but it's TOTALLY hit and miss with the quality. Some times we'd get rolls that wouldn't hold a piece of paper on the fridge, and other times you could reattach a muffler with it.
Well, I never got a chance to test any before they ran out
jeh7918 years ago
I taped up the top of a padded stool at work a couple years ago with gorilla tape. Everyone said it wouldn't last but I still use that stool to sell gorilla tape. We had 3 over 200 lb rear ends up and down off it all this time and it's just now fraying a bit along the edges but still stuck tight. I LOVE that tape! My 18 yr old was embarrassed when I taped a piece of her '94 Escort in place with it but it held so well she soon got over it. It's worth the $$ cause it LASTS.
Gorilla tape just hit the market recently. You must have been lucky to get a hold of that stuff in your area.
Not so lucky actually.....I work for Home Depot and SOMEtimes we ge stuff in a timely manner. I get to try a lot of new stuff "for store use" of course! :-D
lemonie8 years ago
We need a comparative test on this, over to you...? L
fungus amungus (author)  lemonie8 years ago
A test would be cool. What situations would you like to see compared? As for this, I was just happy that it worked a lot better than other tapes I've used. One of the things I did with the tape was to secure a piece of canvas that was 8'x3' to hang off the side of one of the tables. I didn't clean the table beforehand and I used less than a foot of tape. It held up just fine.
You need to find a suitable wall, and tape two willing HQ members to said wall, one with one tape, one with the other. We will not accept any other comparison.
lemonie gmjhowe8 years ago
Did you see the Brainiac experiment?

(I forget which won)

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