Picture of Ingredients. How important is it to you?

Do you count on seeing a picture of the ingredients or do you rely on the actual "List of ingredients" in a recipe?

I frequently make recipes up as I go along, taking fastidious notes of what was added along the way and taking a lot of pictures. Because of this proclivity, I've found taking a picture of the ingredients (before the recipe is completed) is a total waste of time. 

That wouldn't be so bad, except that I often run out of an ingredient used in the recipe and have nothing to take a picture of. 

For example: I'm making an peach pie and the voice in my recipe box shouts "Baja! Remember the fresh strawberries you have in the frig? I bet they would taste great with those peaches!"

So, of course I listen to my exuberant recipe-box-voice and add the strawberries... but now I'm out of fresh strawberries... and the closest grocery store where I might be able to find them is 2 hours away.  UGH. 

All opinions appreciated... unless you want to criticize my loquacious recipe box.  It happens to be very close friends with my tool box, who is fiercely protective and carries a blunt, heavy weapon object at all times.  It could get ugly, so please don't say I didn't warn you. ;-)

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rrkrose5 years ago
I usually count on having a picture there. I do the same thing as you were I kind of make the recipe up as I go along. I usually get together all of the ingredients that I used after I have made the thing and then take a picture.
It's not a big worry but nice.

When I make stuff I think is gonna be awesome I find the pictures of the ingredients going in one by one the most important for replication, since you can see how much of each thing goes together.

Those images are the ones I refer to for myself and to look at 'ibles. I don't really measure anything accurately.

I am a pretty odd cook, I'll go ambitious with no ingredients in the cupboard or go downright terrifying...
measuring accurately is something i have yet to achieve, and i cook almost every day LOL
It's a good practice to use when cooking from a recipe for the first time.....and then experimentation can enhance....before that though, a mistake could get you to dislike a wonderful dish :-)
your certainly right goodhart :D
bajablue (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
lol, killerjackalope... you're definitely MY kinda cook. ;-D 

Since joining Instructables, I've had to retrain myself to start measuring. ;-)

If there's not at least one dish combusting, you can be relatively sure I'm just standing around in the kitchen...

Oh wait I can pour sugar to the teaspoon pretty exactly... Does that count as measuring?
bajablue (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
LOLOLOL! No... measuring in that fashion only counts when you're mixing horseshoes with hand grenades... but I don't recommend it. ;-O)

My attempt at extreme indoor grilling set off the angry fire alarm last year. I can certainly relate to your dangerous proclivities.

Here's your sign:
Oh the fire alarm goes off like doomsday when you light a match, so it's expected when cooking...

I can't think of a time winging it worked out badly for my cooking...

Except for the time my eggs filled up the microwave a bit, but that's only because I was really hungry...
bajablue (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
oh... I take it you've never tasted my almost famous disintegrating broiling pork loin-in-atomic-pineapple-habanero-sauce yet.

lol... Your day is coming. killerjack!!!! Mark my words! ;-D
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