Pictures from an organic chemistry laboratory photo website project

Hi everyone, 

This may look like an advertising, but it's not that. I would like to ask the members a little think. 

I have a blog a few months ago (labphoto.tumblr.com) where I post pictures taken in the organic chem. lab where I work. On tumblr the people like it, they often comment, rate, ect. but I am confused. Should I upgrade that blog to a "normal" website or should it stay as it is now? Would it worth? 

I have started an Indiegogo "donation" thead: http://www.indiegogo.com/labphoto?a=1026664, but actually it is still on 0. What do you think? Should I continue with the blog or should I continue to the website? The only problem that I have actually 0 money to upgrade.


Jayefuu3 years ago
Very nice photos, they look great. Why have you chosen a blog over a Flikr account? Any reason?

What's your perceived advantage of having a website over using tumbler? You obviously have more control and can put advertising on it, but do you think it''s worth the effort? Do you have statistics on a tumblr blog, like how much traffic you get? And why do you need $500 dollars? You could run it for a year for less than $50. Hostgator do a package that gives you a domain name, it comes with wordpress installed and all you have to do is pick a site design from a list and then start adding content.

Instead of an indiegogo campaign, have you thought about signing up for a stock photo website? Some of your images are very good, perhaps you could sell them via somewhere like shutterstock.com or istockphoto.com.
kristofvagyok (author)  Jayefuu3 years ago
I don't like flickr, simply thatswhy, tumblr is a bit more "closer to my heart".

My blog gets fairly enough visitors to "upgrade", there is usually 20-50 people each day with an average 3pages/people... The 500USD is because of the Indiegogo, this is the minimum amount what could start a project there, and I know that 200 would be fairly enough for everything.

Stock sites are not for me. Thousands of images for every keyword with mostly ultra photoshopped images and digital graphics, that's not photography.