Pictures from the Instructables BBQ!

On Thursday, Instructables celebrated the fourth day of Instructacon with a barbecue in Golden Gate Park. Some friends and fans joined the crew from HQ for some grilled specialties, lawn games, socializing, and a talking hydrogen rocket (in true Instructables style, we tested its limits and broke it very quickly).

Here are some pictures from the event--be sure to join us for future events if you are in the San Francisco area!

Picture of Pictures from the Instructables BBQ!
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Pumpkin$9 years ago
man wish I could have been there...
Sunny1246139 years ago
Man, you guys can have a KILLER BBQ!!! But really, who barbecues watermelon,but it does look REALLY tasty!Thanks, I'll have to put this trap out when I go to the beach!
I have more! I took these from Bilal's SD card. :D
haha josh on the 3rd picture
But, who is that in the fifth picture???
joshf (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
that's me.
Kiteman joshf9 years ago

Seriously, my first thought when I saw that shot was Sylar!

joshf (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
thank you?
I have an even better picture of him molesting the watermelong somewhere... And that's an exercise ball. We were using it as a giant kickball of sorts.
WATERMELONG LOL hahahaha. Can I see the picture? MWUAHAHA!
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