Pictures not uploading!

cannot seem to get my pictures to upload succesfully! i need help. anyone kno whats going on? They dont even show up in my library!

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caitlinsdad6 years ago
Don't know what browser/OS you are using. I think there were problems with mac/safari.

I have IE, FF, Chrome installed so when it fails to upload in one, I try to give it a shot in the other. It is sometimes wonky with the using the old and new uploader.

Big jpeg files shouldn't be a problem. I have uploaded 12 megapixel images.

I found that selecting a bunch to upload at one time it may miss uploading one or two in the batch. The previews will not show up after it is uploaded and I would have to exit out and come back to the uploader to try once or twice more.

The system or your connection may have been slow. I usually try to give it a go after later on in the day to see if that was the problem. Select another image to try. Good luck.

zjschafer (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
HP w1858 computer, i have IE too. IE9. no problems with it till now. True. Ive tried the new and old uploaders.
My internet is extremely fast, no problems with this..
I successfully uploaded my pics for one project.. but the others for the next one im working on currently just wont upload.
Another thing is, i had previous troubles with uploading all of the pictures... including my instructable that had the pics to upload, it just happened to work after i tried it in the new and old uploader several times. Luck I guess, but still i cant get them to upload! Suggestions?? Thankyou:)
zjschafer (author)  zjschafer6 years ago
I tried the Gchrome, it worked!! :D thankyou!, even though it skipped a few pics during the uploading progress, most of my pics uploaded are better than none! Thanks for the Advice.
There's a 10MB size limit on what you can upload, but if your internet connecting is off and on, even slightly smaller stuff might give you some issues.

Like everyone else has already said, more information would be a great assistance in our ability to help you.
zjschafer (author)  StumpChunkman6 years ago
My internet is desktop, i dont have a laptop so my connection is good. Um.. when the pictures are uploading.. the .jpeg file will sey its uploading but when it seys its complete... its not. Theres not a thumbnail or picture that appears then the box seying it didnt upload successfully.

Maybe the file is too big. You need to give us more info.
zjschafer (author)  patriots88886 years ago
I just took them with my phone, intensity 2.
This is the first picture size in KB's - 392 KB (401,610 bytes)
Others pics would run to a range of 400-500 KB... Too much? ive uploaded all the pics for my other tutorial but this one just cant seem to load. suggestions?
Kiteman6 years ago
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zjschafer (author) 6 years ago
Please help, this is what happens when it doesnt work.
A box comes up in orange and seys:

Could not upload file '001.jpg' blah... Please try again as it may simply have been corrupted in transit.