Pictures of your Paper/cardboard models

Any pictures of all paper creations are allowed in this forum. It can be anything from paper knives to a cardboard guitar.

Picture of Pictures of your Paper/cardboard models
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aj01-017 years ago
I also have an instructable coming out on how to make the paper butterfly knife (balisong)
new pics 101.jpgnew pics 103.jpg
can you make a tutorial on this paper butterfly knife? i real want t make 1
i'll take the parts to work tomorrow and get them on my computer so I can make a tutorial
sorry its taking so long on the tutorial for the knife, im missing one page of parts :/
I know this comment is a year old, but how long do you think it will take for you to be able to finish the balisong instructable, as I am very curious.
Nice ive made one too though I'm still getting the hang of making hard paper for stuff like this (hard paper is several layers of paper laminated together to form a fairly stiff paper board for those of you that don't know a reall good example is the functional paper fire arms from tacome1942 from youtube )
Kaiven (author)  aj01-017 years ago
Very nice. I have made one myself... lemme see if I can find a picture...
aj01-01 Kaiven7 years ago
are you sure thats not mine lol, looks just like it. You did a good job!
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