Pie is not cake

Nor is cake pie. Discuss.

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Some people from up north call a pizza a pie, Never heard that till a snowbird came south to say they called it. The cheesecake is is supposed to be a cake, but I call it a pie. Trying to think when I heard a cake called a pie. Then again a pizza is a cousin of a cake. Ever tried olive oil cake?
whatsisface9 years ago

Pi = 3.14159265.....

Cake = Lie

Lies are perfectly rational, but Pi is not.
Pie are squared not round.
Pi is a rational number, but numbers like the square root of 1 are not rational numbers.
Ok, now I'm intrigued. Exactly how is pi rational? I can't see any fraction that would give exactly pi, like this 22/7 business.
Oops, you are correct. I withdraw my hasty comment. Pi is irrational and the square root of one is actually an imaginary number. 33 years away from math will do that to you LOL
The square root of one is not imaginary, is it?
I thought that an imaginary number was a complex number that, when squared, its value is a real number not greater than zero ?

Just as the equation x2 + 1 = 0 has no real solution so it is that the square root of 1 hasn't, right ? But then again, 33 years away from the complex math table may have me all wet again.
Square root of negative one is imaginary ;p
Square root of 1 = 1.
I think, however, by technicality, the square root of one is complex, where b=0.
Ok, I stand corrected once more. And now I do kind of remember that. ( square root of 2 is irrational, square root of one - 1; the square root of -1 is imaginary); not that I will remember that past today, but thanks for reminding me :-)
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