Piezo analogue sound

Hi all. I am a newbie and this is my first post so i might be barking up the wrong tree here. Would it be possible to use one of those small piezo-ceramic speakers to play sound e.g. from an mp3 player headphone jack? i am not looking for great quality sound, only voice quality, but i needs to be fairly loud. Many Thanks, Bob

lemonie10 years ago
I made some piezo headphone speakers ~15 years ago. You need to have a cavity in front of the piezo, and not being very powerful have them close to your ears. As I remember, I used ~10mm length of plastic tube, closed off at the face, a bit like a drum, with a hole in the middle ~5 mm diameter. After that it goes fuzzy. In short, 'yes' but see above. L
Drackar10 years ago
It does not have enough power to be of any real use for your purpose, i think.