Pinhole Camera in Human Skull

This pinhole camera is housed in a 150 year-old skull. Not only is it a creative place for a type of camera which can go pretty much anywhere, but the craftsmanship is so good that any claim of utter ghoulishness is discarded. Awesome stuff.

Pinhole Camera Fashioned From 150 Year-Old Skull

Picture of Pinhole Camera in Human Skull
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Wow! That's amazing! I've got a human skull in my old dresser hanging around in my basement at home... I might want to get on that...
I've got a human skull in my old dresser hanging around in my basement at home...

Wow. You really do have a skeleton in your closet!
I wish! I've only got his skull.... It was given to my grandfather after he passed his final examination to become a doctor - a human dissection. They let him keep the skull, so he claims.... I'm pretty sure that's highly unethical and didn't happen, but it makes for a nice story.
Pompom9 years ago
How do you get yourself a hold of a human skull? My dog has dragged home cow, deer, and other animal skulls and remains before, but no human parts have come our way...
I'm curious about the legalities of using human remains like this. After they reach a certain age, and become anonymous, I know they're treated more like objects than remains, but does anyone know the provenance under which something like this falls? His art is wonderful, and I understand the "mystical" factor of having a real human skull involved, but I can't help but feel it's still a little disrespectful of the dead. If someone wills their body to art or science, that's great, but if they didn't, then maybe we should leave them in peace. (No, I'm not religious, and I don't think they're haunted or anything. I just don't think I'd want someone taking snapshots with my mother's skull or something...)
blckthng9 years ago
That is so going to take you a'head' of the game........................................ cuz wen u have one of these you'll see that 2 'heads' are better that! dont u all just love indymogul??????
I found some info on this camera, this guy has a website where you can see other cameras and pictures made by them.
and a cool article on him that explains some of his works including this one.
C17H19NO39 years ago
.....I wonder who had to dig out the brain with a melon baller.
fungus amungus (author)  C17H19NO39 years ago
Since it's 150 years-old, my guess is nature.
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
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