Pipe lamps

These lamps made by Kozo Lamps in Israel with bits of plumbing are pretty inventive and cool. I'm not a fan of stuff made with plumbing normally, but I do have to admit that the knob light switches are a nice touch.

Thanks to Tool Using Animal for finding the source.

Kozo Lamps
via Core77

Picture of Pipe lamps
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Darn, and here I was hoping for a wooden smoking pipe lamp.
lemonie7 years ago

Nice to see metal pipe here.

_soapy_ lemonie7 years ago
If you must try this at home, remember to earth the metal pipe, or, if you go for uPVC instead, don't forget you want the most awesome dumpvalve you can find, or it will only shoot the lightbulb a few tens of feet. ;-) Of course, it's nice to see metal pipe not being filled with, shall we say, frangible creating materials...
petcart7 years ago
Another things.. Jus curious, doesn't it gets really hot because of material? :)
_soapy_ petcart7 years ago
It should run quite cold, actually, compared with a regular lamp of the same type, as the steel will act as a large heatsink.
Ouch, $200?

Quick, somebody, create an Instructable...
joen Kiteman7 years ago
Who needs an instructable? Seems like everything you need to know is right there in the pictures. The pipes go together as shown and all you need to do is wire up the electrical. Anyone reading this is already creative enough to do that.
Thanks, good find. So the faucets are the light switches after all.
Kiteman7 years ago
Oh, I *so* hope that tap is actually a dimmer switch!
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