Pirate outfit for dogs

Halloween is coming, folks. If you want to get your own family pirate outfits in order, you'll need this one for your dog. It may be a bit involved, but it looks like the results are worth it.

I'd try this on my cats, but... yeah, they're cats.

How-To: Pirate Dog Costume

Picture of Pirate outfit for dogs
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=SMART=8 years ago
haha nice you should dress your cats up as cheezeburgerz
Then everyone can has them!
I can haz cheezeburger?
Warlrosity8 years ago
PUG PUG PUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where's the eye patch...?
Ha Ha
Sunbanks8 years ago
That makes me wonder what I should dress my cat up as for halloween...
Taco........... Ugh theres a picture around google somewhere my computer is confusing. Just google taco cat.
He would look cute in a taco costume...
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