Pitchforks and denial

I felt an urge to blog.

Though some of you may find the content or tone offensive, I do not apologise.

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Flintlock6 years ago
I enjoy your comments about the recent politicians.

One more thing to add to the growing list of concerns.

Michele Bachmann's husband also runs a camp for "fixing" homosexuality, attempting to convert their sinful lives into ones that are true by god. Using the power of prayer and brainwashing to make them not-so-gay.

There was an article recently from boingboing that featured the disheartening retelling of a young girl who was pushed through one of these gay brainwash camps. It made me ill to think that people actually force their children through these sorts of things.

I really don't want to live in a country where someone in office is affiliated with these activities. At all.

I'm slowly losing hope for the new presidential nominees....
you know what makes me more sad? the people who VOLUNTARILY go to these camps because they've been taught by their "loving parents" that they are broken and can't be loved correctly in their "sinful state"....so they actively choose to put themselves through that ridiculously useless turmoil so that they can somehow convince their own parents that they are worthy of their love.

Sometimes they are abducted in the middle of the night without any idea of what is going on, loaded into the back of a truck, and shipped off until they are fixed.

I really wish I was Angelina Jolie, and had the ability to adopt a million kids, because I'd adopt each one of them, and show them that they are loved for exactly who they are.

Then I'd use her karate skills to beat the living sh** out of each and every one of their parents.

Do you know why people say "Jesus Christ!"?
They mean "Jesus - this isn't what you were talking about is it?!"
Like Bill Hicks suggested, Jesus isn't coming back while people are still wearing crosses around their necks...

lemonie6 years ago

People are easier to control if you keep them stupid.
That's what disposable-publications and TV are for...

Kiteman (author)  lemonie6 years ago
There's banner up at the Occupy camp in Norwich, which say's "Weapons of mass distraction" around a drawing of a TV.
lemonie Kiteman6 years ago

Norwich? Is Alan Partridge going to turn up...?
I know ex-protesters, there's a whole load of 'em around where I live - very nice people too. My mate Tony demolished Swampy's bus for him....

Kiteman (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I was fortunate enough to narrowly-miss a book signing by Alan Partridge in Norwich a couple of weeks ago.
lemonie Kiteman6 years ago
And you missed it?
Without the price of the book that might have been worth it.

Kiteman (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Ugh, can't stand the character!
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