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PLEASE fix the basic editor in the answers section. It can't be that hard to force a <BR> into the html on a CR character.

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steveastrouk (author) 7 years ago


.  Kind of.
.  Still run together at You:Subscriptions:Comments
What do you mean?

If you hit the REPLY link in the list of comments, the editor is different? That seems rather, er, unencapsulated to me...
NachoMahma7 years ago
. @kelseymh: If you go to your Subscriptions page and click the Comments tab, steveastrouk's comment of Sep 9, 2010, 12:46AM shows up in the listing as one run-together (no spaces for CRs, CRs are just dropped) line. The popup displays correctly.
Oh, yeah. The listing of comments have never been properly rendered. All markup is stripped, and special characters often show up as "unknown glyphs."
kelseymh7 years ago

Bumpity bump BUMP!

Can we PLEASE get the broken "plain" text editor backed out to something with the brains of a nematode, which can at least recognize carriage returns as end-of-paragraph markers?!?

Here is the latest example of the stupidity this broken editor engenders: That user clearly put a fair amount of effort into composing a response full of helpful content, Web links, and so on. But it's all jumbled up together :-(

I've already proposed the idea of simply bringing up the Rich Editor but with the buttons hidden away (the little triangle icon) until the user decides they need them. That was met with stony silence. I'm sure Staff know more about what's going on behind the scenes to come up with a better solution.

I'm really missing the functioning plain editor since I do some much 'ibling on my phone these days and it's just not happy with the rich one.

Not for lack of trying either, I have tried out every browser about apart from the new mozilla release because I'm still on 1.6 for another few weeks. 

Also I can't use the plain editor to write 'ibles because it's not working and the rich one's the default.  However I can live with not writing 'ibles on the go.

I'm all behind the revival of the original plain editor or a rewrite to include carriage returns...  

Just FYI, with the currently broken "plain" editor, you (paid users) can use raw HTML markup; for example, put <P> at the beginning of each paragraph.

It seems like a pain, I guess, but I've been doing raw HTML for 20 years now, so for me it's pretty easy.

No hope with the touchscreen phone... It only has link tags in the dictionary and separates words with various symbols... Though there could be a market for an html and other coding languages as a predictive keyboard, depending on how hard it would be to build I might look in to that. Next week I plan to start working on android apps, as a hobby sort of thing, to counter all the physical outdoors stuff going on.
Oh. So you can't just type straight text (shift-comma p shift-period)? I've never used one of these newfangled "smart phones" (I like my phones dumb enough to let me call someone and talk to them, thank you very much :-).
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