Plasma Rifle

Been working on this for a while. What do you think?

Since I'm getting so much positive feedback, here's the instructable:

Picture of Plasma Rifle
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Vynash9 years ago
post this its awsome!!!
Danny9 years ago
This is An achivement compared to the wafer...
DRADIS (author)  Danny9 years ago
I realized the wafer was a mistake pretty soon after i posted it, but , live and learn...
ironman699 years ago
flames103919 years ago
does this overheat less than the brute one? haha post it please!
bakenbitz9 years ago
This looks just like the real thing. Post!
Kiteman9 years ago
Which bit generates the plasma? I can't see a power-supply, is there possibly a magnetic bottle hidden in there?
And it's from Halo too. :P
That would be one of these new-fangled video games, would it?
You are right, good sir.
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