Plastiki crosses Pacific

Plastiki, the boat made with 12,500 plastic bottles, has successfully sailed across the Pacific Ocean. The journey started in San Francisco and has ended in Sydney after 130 days and 8,000 miles on the water. The goal was to raise awareness about the problem of plastics in the oceans, such as the Pacific Garbage Patch. Congratulations to David de Rothschild and the rest of the crew.

Plastiki Completes 8,000 Nautical Mile Journey Protesting Plastic Pollution

Picture of Plastiki crosses Pacific
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Hooray! ::applauds::
Hey Muffinator....I haven't seen you around for goes it ?
Summary: AWESOME! I pm'd you with the full reply :)
Yep, fresh out of seclusion LOL
which is different from solitary confinement.
That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet...
Still, fewer people would want to attempt smelling the rose if it was called "putrid stomach contents". . .
Yes, the one being self imposed the other is normally forced. But, as long as the force is with you.....
Well, that is certainly GREAT to hear :-)
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