Playing SNES on a 19" LCD

I have a 19" LCD that I use as an external monitor for my laptop but I would also like to be able to hook up my SNES to it and play some of my old games since my only TV is a little 13". Does anyone know how to make a box that has inputs for RCA video and coax cable and outputs video to a computer monitor (with DVI conection). I know there are emulators on the internet that I could play on my computer but it's just not the same without the SNES controllers.

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Lurch8 years ago
Loads of composite to VGA converters available. As for the SNES controllers, I use SNES and Mega Drive (Saturn in USA?) controllers on a PC. Again, Google for details, but you just need a few components and a parallel port IIRC, not used them for ages since I lost all my ROMS in the great hard drive failure of 07!
cannedham160 (author)  Lurch8 years ago
I know there are a lot of converters available to buy but would it be possible to build one myself or would it be too complicated/ just as expensive?
IME the home built ones are not quite as good as the bought ones and don;t offer enough of a saving to be worth making yourself unless you have most of the components to hand. They do the job though if you do happen to have the components about. I can get the converters over here for ~£30 or so so I'm sure you can find some cheaper in your part of the world. As for your coax input, you'd need a tuning circuit so the easiest\best option is to feed the coax into an STB and then use the composite output to feed the converter. lol @ the SNES\USB adapter!
guyfrom7up8 years ago
you could make a snes/usb adapter never heard of such an adapter
cannedham160 (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
I could make s snes/usb adapter but I would rather just hook up my SNES directly to my monitor without a computer. It would also like to plug in my DVD player or maybe even an antenna (if that can be done without much extra trouble) to my monitor so that I can replace my crappy 13" TV with my nice 19" flat panel.

Basically I need something like this box; only I also need a coax input for my SNES and I want to make it myself because I'm too broke to spend $50- $90 to buy it new.

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