Playstation 3 or Dell Inspiron Laptop ?

From the title you can all see i need some help.

(don't worry it's not gils)

I can't choose between the PS3 os the dell laptop.

Basically its this deal with AOL that if you sign up to their broadbrand you get a free PS3 or laptop - your choice.

(i know all the terms and conditions so you don't need to explain them to me)

But the problem is i can't decide which free gift to take?
To tell you the truth my heart is set out more to the PS3.
But i do/ could use a..... ,need a laptop aswell!

So please help me decide!

*PS3* is only 40 gig and not bacword compatible. (check the carphone website/aol deal for details)

I need to sign up before the 17th. preferblally friday.

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crestind10 years ago
The PS3 is a better value because you are getting much more processing power, along with the ability to play games. Also the PS3 should be backwards compatible with PSX. The laptop is probably a pretty useless entry level, so wait for holiday sales. So PS3 of course!
Baron A (author)  crestind10 years ago
Thanks faust for the great post. I just realised, my cousin did this same sign up with aol to get a laptop. And the specs are 80 gig hardrive, 1 gig memory, intel celeron processor (very slow), and vista basic. wereas the PS3 is much better. ( i think of decided) lol.
crestind Baron A10 years ago
! The 80G model! With the chrome trim! *drools* Then it's definitely the better choice.
Baron A (author)  crestind10 years ago
Have you got one?
i do....i got the 80 gig and i bought some fans for it so it stays as cool as a pop-sickle...its niccccceeeee
How did you hook those fans on your 80 gig SP3, mine runs hot !!!!!
crestind Baron A10 years ago
No :(
Baron A (author)  crestind10 years ago
Too bad. :( I bet You want one though!
I have one! (Ha.)
Baron A (author)  Darth Trainman10 years ago
So? ( good for you) Im getting one anyway so i coudn't care less.
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