Please Join My ART CONTEST!!!

  Like art? Like art contests? Well, please join my art contest group here> In here you might just win one of those prizes! For every winner I will post a forum saying who are the three winners! I will tell every person what they got in the group forums. For the winners you will get a subscribe and a forum explaining your trophy! Please join now to have a chance to win! (you will have to enter your instructables into the group. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please send me a private message and I'll get to you as quick as I can)

Picture of Please Join My ART CONTEST!!!
2nd Prize Ribbon.jpg
3rd Prize Ribbon.jpg
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how can i join where is the entry form ??
Mar 26, 2011
I would assume this is no longer valid.
when dose it satrt and end
Posted 2 years ago and the link no longer works. Safe to assume you've missed the opportunity.
oh ok