"Please add more images before publishing!"???

Ok, colour me confused.  I have a 3 step 'ible, it has two pics and one video and I get the following when I try to publish:

Please add more images before publishing!

Have you taken photographs of each step for your Instructable? Clear well taken photos are the most important part of your Instructable. Please make sure you have included all of your images prior to publishing your Instructable. Submissions without necessary photos will not be published.

Am I missing something?

This is my 'ible url, not sure how useful it is:  https://www.instructables.com/id/publish?instructableId=EQT44AEHMMFDQ7L

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DragonDon (author) 4 years ago
New 'ible:


Old 'ible:


'ible created AFTER these two(just to show that there is something that the system doesn't like about the above 'ibles in particular):

As mentioned before, you need to add more steps and photos to publish. In your examples you have one picture repeated
If you're having trouble try starting a new PHOTO INstructable and using your one (or two) pictures there.

(notice how the one published after the other two has more steps and photos and was able to be published?)
mikeasaurus4 years ago
Try adding a different picture in each step, then publish again. Please reply to this comment if you experience more problems publishing.
DragonDon (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
Updated with new, and less-than-encouraging info. :(
https://www.instructables.com/id/EQT44AEHMMFDQ7L is more useful...

Steps 1 and three have no images - embedded video doesn't count, because it doesn't generate a thumbnail.

Try grabbing a couple of screenshots from the video, crop them in your favourite image editor, and using those.
DragonDon (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Also, Steps 1 & 3 were the ONLY ones that had images. For some reason, their system is not saving them.
You're missing the counting:

Introduction: basically blue image

Step 1: no image, just a video.

Step 2: blue image with notes.

Step 3: no image.

DragonDon (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
No no, I know what I put in each step. If the website is changing what I setup, that is a pretty serious issue. This is a moot point because the re-create with only TWO steps has the same problem.

I really wish the staff would be more active here. This is rather silly that SOMETHING is triggering their system to reject this 'ible.
You were told the problem - you need an image in every step, as well as the introduction.
DragonDon (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
And I also said that i created another 'ible with only two steps (intro and one step) that have a picture in each. Kill the attitude and read carefully.
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