Please help, need advice for installing engineered hardwood floors?

Hi, I recently purchased some 3/8th Bruce engineered hardwood flooring, and was planning on purchasing a staple gun to install the flooring (like I needed a reason for a new toy!), what gauge stapler would you all recommend? Bruce doesn't have specific instructions, it just says the staples should be at least 1 inch long.  I've heard if you buy too big a staple (15.5 gauge), it will cause issues with bumps in the flooring, but I'm afraid if I get too small a staple then it may not attach properly. Please help!

As a side note, how big an air compressor would you all recommend?  I was planning on getting a 6gal, 2.6 scfm at 90 psi compressor, and just want to make sure it will have enough power.

JosueKEllis3 years ago

them what you should use.

Remag12343 years ago

90 psi might do it but get something bigger for future use. Take a look at Harbor Freight.

Call Bruce Tech Support and ask them what you should use.

2" staples are the norm. You always rent a floor stapler instead of buying one.