Plexiglass Temporary Window

Hi folks.  

I'm designing a vent that will vent outside using a vent inside a plexiglass window.  I don't know how to mount the sheet inside my chosen window.  It's a modern window that has a screw type mechanism that takes the window away.  I took the screen out, which just clips in, and expect to do something similar for the plexiglass item.

I looked at some of the hardware available at Home Depot and couldn't find anything that would make this thing work.  

If anybody has any ideas, that would be great.  

Some pics

Picture of Plexiglass Temporary Window
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caitlinsdad6 years ago
You could make a wooden frame 1x2 or 1x3 stock that fits in the track or slot where your window screen goes. You would need additional metal angle brackets on the sides to attach into the real window frame or be able to drive screws to go between the tracks to keep it fastened.. Assuming you probably cannot drill into the window frame, you might rig up something along the lines of attaching a set of cafe-style spring loaded curtain rods to keep it in place. If you experience high wind gusts or if it is on a higher floor, I would recommend you attach it more securely. Home Depot sells adjustable sliding winow screens/louvers but they are only about 12 inches high and are kept in place with a regular window clamping down on it. Good luck.
BeeRich (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Hi there.

See the problem is that there is no slot. The window frame is positive. See the small notch up the side there? That's where a spring on the screen kicks into. Unfortunately these windows aren't the best designed ones. Screens pop out during moderate winds.

If you go to the second picture, you can see the half inch lip that I can hook around. But I am not sure how to do that, then attach whatever hooks, into the plexiglass I just bought.

What I was thinking was some kind of latch that turned, pivoting into the plexiglass, that swung an inner and outer finger over the lip of the windowsill. Sounds like custom work to me though.
I think you still want the window to close completely when it is cranked in. That throws out the idea of having anything big to clamp from the outside of the window frame. You might be able to get a "Z" shaped thin metal clip in there. If you size the plexi bigger than the window opening so it cannot fall out, and reinforce it so it is stiff, you may be able to work with some drywall repair clips bent to fit. They are metal clips that bridge pieces of drywall so it may work to hold it in the window frame.. Screw one end of it into the plexiglass.
BeeRich (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Oh sorry, I should have mentioned that when the plexiglass is set into the window, it has a vent in it. So, the outer window is pretty much fully open. That's a requirement.

Drywall Repair Clips! That's it! I just googled what they are, and that sounds like it's a good fit...for 2 sides (bottom and right side) at least. The other two won't be able to slide into place. Any idea how to jimmy another two for the left and top? I was thinking some kind of rotating item that can be managed on the inside, that clip on the frame on the outside, while the plexiglass rides on the inside.

Awwww, just go for a set of small Irwin quick grip clamps. Cut holes big enough for the clamp rod or head to go through and sandwich the plexiglass to the window frame.
BeeRich (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Bar clamps? That could be quite good. That solves it. That would make it pretty solid as well. I think I would keep the bottom the same though, as it rides on the window frame.

Hey thanks for the input.
BeeRich (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Actually, I was just thinking...a crossbar that's attached to the plexi on the outside, made of wood or another piece of plexi, could flex and go on the outside, while sandwiching the window frame. This flexi has some give to it, so if I can make a 2 or 3" band, that can hold it up top. but the bottom can indeed use the drywall repair clips. I am assuming those clips are thin enough that I can re-work the metal. Or I can bend some aluminum sheeting. Ok the ideas are flowing.