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I need help!  I have an extremely small bathroom that has the lavatory plumbing on the side, not the back.  I don't like the cabinet (you can sit on the toilet and wash your hands at the same time) and want to get rid of it, but I have not been able to find a pedestal sink or other cabinet to replace what's there.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  And no, the plumbing cannot be moved.   

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Post photoes.
Plumbing can always be moved.
If you can't solder use liquid solder, solder less joints, or compreshon joints.
onrust4 years ago
A corner lavatory should do it.
Luny (author) 5 years ago
Six months later I'm still looking for a solution. :)
My landlord is too cheap to get someone else to do it....luckily we are not actually in the city proper, but in the township.
A town is not a proper city, let alone a ship, although an aircraft carrier is considered a floating city. Do you have a streetlight and a Mickey D's?
Street lights every 75 yards or so, 2 McD's within walking distance, and s more down the road. :-P
Luny (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
And a WallyWorld between the 2 McD's.
Wilmette5 years ago
Habitat for Humanity sells used fixtures at their "Re-Stores". None of the homes they build include used items. In Chicago there are other places that sell used building materials as well. The point is, sometimes you can find used what you can't find new.
And, as always, talk to the guys at your locally owned hardware and lumber stores.
I'ts also amazing what you can do wu=ith flexible supply tubes.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Home centers (Lowes, Home Depot) still have wall-hung lavatory sinks. The pedestal is an option mostly for cosmetic looks to hide the pipes. They tend to be the public washroom looking types though. The fixture can be plumbed with the pipes and supply lines going to the side. I've seen a corner unit somewhere and in a relative's house, they have a half-bath that is similar size to the bathroom on a winnebago or a greyhound bus. I think there is an instructable here and a product on the market that turns the toilet tank cover into a small sink.
Goodhart5 years ago
Where I live, the set up sounds similar...I could wash my face while sitting on the throne also. My landlord had an old porceline pedistal sink he installed so we were not looking at a rotting wood cabinate anymore. I know that doesn't help, but keep looking. Some TrueValue stores have a lot of old plumbing stuff left over.