Plz Help remove stripped screw!

Here is the complete description: Trying to take apart Gamecube Got to heatsink Stripped 4 screws Stripped to point of being square Recessed so no parts are sticking out No access from below Located in VERY small spaces Unable to drill through screw heads No square drill bits of that size WHAT CAN I DO? I need help ASAP!

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brl12149 years ago
omfg wow sad ive had the same problem when i was 13 all i did was melt some soder wire not a rod and quickly placed it on a screw once you get it all screws out go to your local hardware store and find the same screws and there replace them or finsh what you are doing. ps. if the sodder breaks its not a strong enuff sodder dont give up resodder it
HamO10 years ago
There is a device called a "Screwout". Maybe there is one small enough for your job.
Murdok (author) 10 years ago
HAHAHAHAH! I was using a phillips head instead of a hole boring bit! I have been spinning in circles! Now I have the right bit and I am digging through them. I will replace them with better screws. I thank you both and I hope to return the favor one day.
Murdok (author) 10 years ago
How would I slot the head with a cut off wheel? I might be able to with a chisel, but I don't think there will be enough's a pic:
P.S. It lies flush with the sink and is about a drill bit wide...

Thanks for the help!
can you drill the whole screw right punch the head, and use a drill a little bibber the the screw head. The rest you should be able to punch out with a small peice of steel rod. I was a aerospace machinist for 25 years,and sometimes you broke a tap in a part that cost$500.00Firct we tryed to break mthe tap into small pieces,or there is a chemical that attacks the tap, or drill and overnight is suppose to melt the drill.We always saved the part.there is always a way to fix these problems. Thanks Insane
Honus10 years ago
Have you tried slotting the heads with a small cut off wheel? Is there enough room to try that without destroying something else?