Pocket Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has released a pocket sized refillable hydrogen fuel cell! It's designed to charge small devices on the go. 


$99? I think I have a birthday coming up... 

Picture of Pocket Hydrogen Fuel Cell
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techturtle27 years ago
you can mahe your own for about 10 USD like this:
That's not a fuel cell. That's an electrolysis setup. You might look up "fuel cell" in Wikipedia to learn more about what's involved.
You can colect the hydrogen and use it to fuel whatever.
PKM techturtle27 years ago
Yes, you can, but that doesn't make it a fuel cell. A fuel cell does what your device does but the other way around (turn hydrogen into electricity).
techturtle2 PKM7 years ago
Oh ok... I'm new to " Green " technology, so I didn't know.
kelseymh7 years ago

More than $99, by an unknown (but presumably large) amount! From the product description,

While a cartridge replacement and filling infrastructure develops, Horizon took the extra step to develop a home refueling system called "HydroFILL" - sold as a separate accessory for added convenience.

By "convenience," I think they mean "profit." On the same page, one discovers that their solar-powered electrolytic hydrogen generator (H-Fill) is not available yet, and you must "contact [them] for pricing."

Culturespy (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
I wouldn't get too upset just yet. It's really new and their still working out a lot of details but it is intended to be an item suitable for the mass market. Jumping to the conclusion that it's a presumably large amount is a bit premature since they view rechargeable batteries as competition. It does say "at a lower cost than existing rechargeable or disposable battery-based options." Cheer up already! :) You could always just build your own DIY charging station and hack the system.