Pocket-Sized Winners Announced

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners from Pocket-Sized Speed Contest!

This has been a doozy of a speed contest with over 150 entries, many of them amazing. You blew us away with all of the cool things you can make that you can also fit in your pocket. A great job all around.

There were a couple of interesting twists and turns here. For one, user PocketSized ran away with the votes. Apparently the name is a fitting one.

The other thing that you might find a little odd is that the Instructable with the third highest pageviews is the winner. The #1 entry was disqualified since Brita filters aren't so pocket-sized. I tried it out and it wasn't comfortable and my pants got all soggy. It wasn't pretty. Don't worry, we'll still send IAMSatisfied something cool since it was quite good.

The #2 pageviews would've been the winner except that it was also chosen as the random winner. This bumps the sweet engagement ring Instructable to the top spot.

Thanks to everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun and this is one that we'll be doing again in the future. Now, on with the winners!

Top Votes and Pageviews

The authors of these three Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Utili-Key

Top Votes


Pocket Graffiti Pen
by PocketSized

Steampunk Finger Stylus
by robbtoberfest

Making a custom Platinum Diamond engagement ring
by chrisparry


The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name pulled out of Tetranitrate's pocket, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Utili-Key.

and the random winner is...
this entry from someone who also rocked the pageviews.

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dude thtas gr8!! i wish that i wnt be a winner to man !!!!
jamez038 years ago
go down really fast its cool
i made the graffiti pen it rocked
Brennn109 years ago
Cool! Thanks everyone! I love these speed contests! but do I really need another t-shirt?

Always, I actually grew out of mine since burning questions last round, taller wasn't a bother but grew side ways aswell now all my older t-shirts are triangles and the robot is quite a shape indeed
point was always good to have more t-shirts.
LOL I am not laughing at you but at a thought I just had prompted by what you wrote I have button shirts that look like potentially deadly weapons (buttons stretched to such a limit it looks like they will soon launch like rockets at anyone standing in front of me....sigh, I have have to loose some of this...)
Lose some buttons or shirts? It's quite a funny situation, I thought I'd stopped growing but in the last few months I've continued to get taller and my shoulders got alot wider seemingly overnight, a previous girlfriend made that observation, I grow in proportion mostly so never notice when I do, only problem is my arms look awfully out of place to me now... I may cut one off to see how it looks... I love the idea of that rocket button shirt, Q always said bond was a little skinny on it...

When I stopped shooting upwards (in my 30's), my growth leveled off. But a month after I stopped smoking (that would have been Aug 2002, I quit in July) I gained 20 lbs. I have finally slowed that "growth" here of late, but I still look like I could give birth at any second *sigh*

Unfortunately, the buttons would be very unpredictable as to when they "launched". :-)
You could use fuse wire as a weak thread and break it with a current when needed... hmm a little morning excercise or physical activity before the first meal increases yor metabolism throughout the day, or getting toned up a bit, the extra muscle burns extra calories making losing weight quicker... Or loads of coffee? : )
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