Pocket-Sized closes for entries Sunday night!

In less than two days, the Pocket-Sized Speed Contest will be closing for entries. After that there's a few days of voting and then we see who won! This has been one of the most popular and interesting contests we've had so far. I've been loving the entries and look forward to see what comes in at the last minute. I couldn't even resist entering in something of my own with my eraser flash drive. I can't win anything, but I just wanted to take part. Good luck!

Picture of Pocket-Sized closes for entries Sunday night!
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Sunbanks9 years ago
Woah! Sunday was yesterday...
ah, yep :-)
I thought today was Sunday....
time flies when you're having fun. Or Kermit's perspective: Times are fun when you're having flies. :-)
But what if you dont have flies so times arent fun so time doesnt fly? :P
my head hurts..... but what if a swarm aof flies attacks you so your not having fun bust supposedlly times ar fun when you have flies, but the flies are making time not fun.
Times are fun when you are having flies applies only to frogs (they eat flies) ;-)
but what if i was a frog in the situation in i stated above??
The more flies for the frog the more food and fun ;-)
Kiteman w00ty329 years ago
If you're having trouble with your flies, you should switch to buttons - they're safer.
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