Pocket Watch Cell Phone

To be honest, i think it sounds like a good idea. the device would probably have to be about the diameter of an orange, but i bet having a pocketwatch that doubles as a cell phone would be a hit with steampunk lovers! anyone agree with this?

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lilyren3 years ago

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Goodhart6 years ago

It isn't such a new idea: Dick Tracy had one YEARS ago LOL

Do you mean, something like this (it's a watch, its a phone !)?

LG seems to be on the cutting edge of this one :-)
EngineerJakit (author) 6 years ago
I checked out the Bluetooth Phone Glove instructable, and that was such a neat, yet nerdy, idea. kinda reminds me of the 1st Inspector Gadget movie when he's fighting his evil twin on top of that bridge.
After seeing the ibble, i realize that if i want to make this more like a phone, it would need a numpad. other steps to make it even cooler would be to put in an lcd, maybe an inner and outer camera, a memory card slot, pretty much the works any phone has.
Even better stuff is that im currently on spring break and would like something creative to do. i got 9 days left before i gotta go to class, so first things first. does anyone here know how to hook up a headset with a numpad? in a sense that would make it more of a phone.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
You might start out with the embedded bluetooth receiver if you want it small and just want to play around with it answering calls. Make a bigger unit for the actual phone. Look at the bluetooth phone glove instructable.
EngineerJakit (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
didnt think about using anything bluetooth. Thanks man!