Pokémon collector breaks world record

This an "oh dear" item for me, but what do you think?

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V-Man7378 years ago
If I thought collecting stuffed animals would defeat bullies, my collection would be bigger. :-P
And it would be Beanie Babies.
 Beanie babies FTW!

I loved collecting those things with the thought they would someday be worth something (me, and several million others).  Hell, I still remember visiting the TY store.

I was around the age of 8, and the temptation of playing with them outweighed the thought of saving them for future's sake.  Hence, most of my beanie babies ended up raggedy and the tag removed.

Now that I look back, I realize that sometimes the eight year old "I want it now" mind sometimes is better than the older "patient" mind.
I'd say it's certainly worth revising.
Oh, and look at this...
 Yes, but look at how many bids are on those high ticket items.
lemonie (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
They were, until the bubble burst and people re-evaluated what the tings were actually worth...

Although I'm in a "oh dear" situation as well. My dad learned me the most valuable lesson there is. "If people want to do something and it doesn't hurt other people just let them do"

So if pokemon makes her happy I'm happy for her :)
lemonie (author)  MichelMoermans8 years ago
Well yes. But a psychologist might tell you that the not-other person is in some way harmed?

Yeah but those not-others are aliens and nobody cares for them ;)
lemonie (author)  MichelMoermans8 years ago
I meant the person whom has broken the record, rather than other-world-ers.

Obesssions can be harmful if they remove you from "real life"

Ooops,  I don't mean iblers either   LOL 
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