Polaroid battery hack

I am looking to use a Polaroid for an art project and I want to get a long-lasting battery in the camera. It is one of the good old polaroids that has the battery in the bottom of the film cassette. Since these are only meant to last about as long as however many shots you take, I will need a way to put in a stronger (possibly rechargeable) battery. Any ideas?

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Lisaa56 years ago
I have the same problem. I got a Polaroid Impulse with 6 frame in perfect condition in it, but the battery is dead. Do you think this would work too ? :)
Nuonaton6 years ago
What's the voltage on the battery? Most common batteries are 1.5 volts, you could probably solder some leads to the battery terminals in the camera and make an external battery pack.
jacco1997 (author)  Nuonaton6 years ago
I couldn't find the voltage on it. I might just try to solder on a 1.5 volt.
Solder some leads on so you can test first, too little voltage and it won't operate, too much and you'll roast your camera. Post some photos when it's done!
jacco1997 (author)  Nuonaton6 years ago
Alright. Time to go find the soldering gun then.
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!