Poll Question: Do you think health and safety has gone crazy?

I know that on Instructables we do some fairly dangerous stuff with all the potato guns and weaponry. This 30 years ago was perfectly acceptable, but in the modern society health and safety makes you wear goggles and be safe. The fact is you can do practically nothing in an open environment without being told to be safer. I brought up this topic when i heard that one school had banned all pencil cases as well... It might contain sharp objects-like pencils! So what do you think, is all the politics making health and safety a bit over the top or is it just there to protect us?

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I probably should go to bed... Oh well. Cook what might I ask? :P I'd probably burn down the house.
my breakfast, it 07:56 and I feel bloody awful....
What have you been doing all night to make you feel awful?
ll.13 Sunbanks9 years ago
Friday night....
Sunbanks ll.139 years ago
What did he do on friday night? O_o

:O Someone's actually on here!
An awful lot... and then saturday night... it was sunday morning here when you were talking to me...
Was it fun? :P I just woke up not too long ago... I would have been able to sleep later but nooooooooo my dad just had to wake me up.....
I had a great time over the weekend, but I missed my friends 18th, not amused...
I bet you had a great time ;) lol.
hey i wasn't the only one I'll tell ya that... Still tired and lazy?
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