Polycarbonate cutting

So, I had an idea some time back, to inset a rectangle cutting of a lens off a pair of glasses, into an eye cup for your camera. Costco sell their lenses to minors for 20 dollars, if I could get them to sell me just lenses, would a glass cutter like they have at home depot (i think) be able to cut it down to a small rectangle? If not, how could I cut it?

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Sedgewick1710 years ago
There are two ways, which I know of for cutting glass. The first method is to score the glass into the shape that you want, using a glasscutter. Then you heat the glass with a blowtorch for about five seconds and plunge it into a bucket of water. Be careful not to heat the glass too quickly or it will fracture. If you have done this properly, you should have a neat cut where you carved. The second method is to make a device similar to a foam cutter, which uses a small gauge silver wire that has enough voltage passing through it to turn is cherry red. Once it has reached the right temperature slowly carve out the shape that you need being careful not to apply to much pressure as to snap the wire.
Well, close. Red hot is 500-800 C, most glass melts at over 1000 C (some very heavily leaded glass as low as 500 C). Hot wire is frequently used to cut foam (but rarely at red heat-the wire oxidizes and breaks very quickly at that temp). Nothing, especially silver, is very strong at a red heat. The other part is, if you read a little farther, it isn't glass, it's plastic (polycarbonate) : )
I must have missed the part about the piece being polycarbonate. I thought He was working with regular glass. If anyone is still interested though, I could post the instructions for making the glass-cutting machine that I described above.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Sedgewick1710 years ago
That would be an interesting instructable...I fixed the title, to make it obvious that im using polycarbonate.
I know nothing about polycarbonate,but I will post the instructions for the glass-cutting machine as soon as I can.
Grim10 years ago
I you use a glass lens heres a cool trick to cut it with scissors. Fill up your sink with water and submerge the piece of glass and hack away. The water helps reduce the high freq. waves the glass sends to the rest of itself when you cut it so it wont shatter.
Grim Grim10 years ago
Weissensteinburg (author)  Grim10 years ago
Have you done it before? How hard is the glass to cut?
It depends on the thickness of the glass, you're cutting a lens so it has a curved smooth surface so I would say it would be quite difficult. I made a new screen for my mp3 player using this technique but the glass was 2mm thick.
jtobako Grim10 years ago
It doesn't make a very clean cut, and it ruins the scissors : ) It's the same effect as using a little oil on your (regular) glass cutter. (pop sci, how-2 section had an article on this)
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