Poor punmanship

I finally got around to really reading through the new ibles blog. Seems you need to log into facebook to post a comment there so hence the posting here as forum topic. I was interested to read about the ice cream gathering, the one promoted with the "nitroglycerine" ice cream. I get to the part where you have the flavors listed. I see:

Rum Raisin (aka MADD About You)

Now, that is questionable on many levels. If that is the name of the flavor promoted by the ice cream vendor, shame on them. If that is the name of a flavor made up by the blogger, I think they need to have a look at the Be Nice policy.

I am not beyond reproach but I do know where not to cross the line.

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But seriously. I don't generally read the blog (I like to avoid bad science blogs a la "sitting is bad for you") so I didn't see this when it came out; glad you're calling foul. That's absolutely ridiculous.

Not cool.
But it makes for such entertaining juxtapositions!
*stifles laughter*
I wonder which was more popular on the day...?
Clearly randofo is suicidal.
caitlinsdad (author)  Lithium Rain5 years ago
He is on his rocker.
caitlinsdad (author) 5 years ago
Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone.  But if you are raising the rum, just stay off the Fn road.
It's probably not worth the risk of offending people although MADD certainly is controversial if you've been keeping track of some their tactics over the years.  I would rank them with PETA as far as risk goes.  Mocking either will either get you some enemies and some laughs.  It depends on what you're willing to risk.  However, the name doesn't seem to keep with the tone of Instructables.

Plus there are funnier/more obscure puns/names.  Just as an example of obscure names that might make people groan and laugh at the same time, there's a drink called The Pearl Harbor which is actually a popular, standard bar drink.  The vast majority of people won't understand why they should laugh and groan at the same time, but a few might.
caitlinsdad (author)  AngryRedhead5 years ago
Haha, extremists that ruin it for the rest of the group.

You did hit the point that it doesn't seem to keep with the tone of Instructables. I was just really taken aback that something like this was written and posted by the staff. That said, there are random comments from members that do take shots at PETA, vegans, paleo dieters, kombucha drinkers, people trying to save the world, druids, what have you, etc. but they are not representing the brand image. Blah, blah with corporate responsibliity but hey, in the public eye they have to show restraint. Not as bad as an executive inadvertently blurting out "I'd like my life back." but it did strike a chord with this reader.
And here I'm mostly disappointed by the lack of creativity...  They could have called it, "Grapes Drying under the Influence".  :-P
Or "The Grapes of Drunk and Disorderly Conduct!"
caitlinsdad (author)  AngryRedhead5 years ago
You're just fermenting the Grapes of Wrath...
There is the infamous "Sloe screw "
That's something offensive on face value but isn't really when thinking about the ingredients/mixture.
There is, or was, allegedly, taking the theme on further the "long sloe" etc. + a relation to the Harvey wallbanger.

To my mind, that's far too many syllables for any drink, I stick to "Beer" preferably slightly warm......

Long Sloe Comfortable Screw against a Wall.  Ya, a lot of words.  I'm also quick at the bar.
Kiteman5 years ago
I did not understand that as a pun at all, I pegged it as a typo.

I eventually got around to googling, just in case there a genuine fuss to be made, and it is strictly a US thing - in the UK, MADD is a dessert brand, or a college, or a dance studio...


Nothing controversial at all, outside the US, and, TBH, I still have trouble finding the offense now that I know what US readers see in the acronym.

Add in this reference to make the PUN complete: Mad About You series...it has nothing to do with offense, but everything to do with the "intended" pun.  
The "but I didn't *mean* anything offensive!" argument is not a valid one.
That isn't what I meant....see answer to Caitlinsdad above.
caitlinsdad (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
I know, there is a portion that IS offensive....I just meant that the PUN portion that I connect to the tv series isn't.
The offence, I think, is the combination of a notionally alcoholic dessert for children (ice cream) coupled with the name of a group whose mission is to reduce drinking (and driving) among teenagers.
I see the source of the offence, I just don't see the scale of the offence. I'd rank it as "a bit cheeky" on a scale of "zero" to "deserves a slap".

Probably a cultural divide of some sort.

caitlinsdad (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Upon reflection, you are absolutely right. It's not like they used
Tutti Fruitti (aka GLAAD About You)

I forgot the moral compass just spins around and you embed them in tabletops.
when you put the acronym that way, ima Pretty Upset Nao.
+1 Puritan streak ?
Isn't "Puritan streak" an oxymoron?

I mean, they wouldn't, would they?

(Would they?)

Depends if that is a verb or a noun, if the streak is yellow and down one's back.....
He he
caitlinsdad (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
1. Sorry you see it that way. Without any "official" response to the topic you could chalk it up to some cultural insensitivity. But you tell it to those people who have been affected by drunk drivers. The blogger can go home to blog another day. This weekend is Memorial Day for the US. It's a day to avoid driving on the road because you know some idiot is out there driving drunk. It's fine to do whatever you want but not when you become a public danger.

2. I am trying to get a feel for what the new editorial voice of Instructables is. You too, being a steadfast ibler, would also be concerned of the image they are trying to project. Cool DIY stuff, yeah, Controversial, maybe? I cannot see the ibles through the contests. I just hope they are being smart about it. That Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD reference should have been thought out better. One of things you don't want to lose for the site is respect.
I suspect its the combination of alcohol and mothers against drink and drugged drivers....

>Nothing controversial at all, outside the US

It was written by an American aimed at a majority American audience. American contexts are achingly relevant.

>TBH, I still have trouble finding the offense now that I know what US readers see in the acronym.


Here's a thought. Would the same thing be posted if it wasn't MADD, but the NAACP that was the punchline? Timothy McVeigh? The KKK?

The fact is, words have power. They are not mere meaningless toys to be bandied about as if they had no consequences, no implications. We shape language, but language also shapes us; the language we use directly affects how we (and people we affect with it) think. It affects attitudes, and attitudes affect actions. The ideas contained in the language we use are subtly reinforced with every repetition.

By making (or repeating) a joke of drunk driving (or for that matter, rape, terrorism, genocide, hate crimes, or similar, decidedly un-funny subjects) you trivialize a serious subject and reinforce those cultural norms which contribute to these tragedies in the first place.

You also show a decided lack of respect for those affected by it - victims and families. This isn't some dumb meme on the internet. This is real. Real people die every day because of drunk drivers. Real people lose their loved ones every day. Real people suffer - are suffering. Are dying.

A bit of respect is in order.
caitlinsdad (author) 5 years ago
and one commenter did not get the "Be Nice to Interns" memo.
Since when is "Be Nice to Interns" a real thing? I figured that as interns, we should generally be pretty psyched about the job and therefor our tolerance of crap they give us is higher, if only by a little.

+10. Now, back to sweeping the floors please, or we beat you again.....
I need a raise.

*ducks giant flying endmill*
How high would you like raising ?
[gets steel capped boots on >>
Thereby becoming punTmanship...
As high as you can go.

*displays naturally rugby/'merkin-football-playing-inner-city-a$$-kicking-esque build*
caitlinsdad (author)  The Ideanator5 years ago
Oliver Twist! You do realize this thread has not made it to through the filters and your comment was just posted now.
He said a bad word, and also "crap."
So did you.
I know you are, but what am I? Nyah, nyah, nyah.

Thank you for a most excellent and insightful discussion :-)
Why are you thanking the stupid intern? :P

(Also, /concur - that's ridiculous)
Mr. Sarc, meet Ms. Casm. You two should get together...