Pop Up Card Theme Ideas

Hi, I am new here and am looking for theme ideas for the inside of a standard basic layer Thank you pop up card for a colleague and am having "crafter's block". They are in the telco industry, but I sense they would prefer something out of the box.

cpeep4 years ago
Here's my Instructable for the space invaders pop up card.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting
space invader pop up card.jpg
How about a video game-themed one? There's an Instructable for a Zelda Pop-up Valentine that might be worth a look for inspiration's sake.


Hope that helps
You could go with the Star Wars theme. But I guess it would depend on how close of a colleague it was to determine if the theme would be the Darkside or the light side of the force. Like Darth Vader sticking out his hand as a gesture of thanks or one of Yoda popped out over Dagobah's swamp. That's not out of the box right?
Kiteman5 years ago
Have you tried doing a search for "pop up card"?