Pop-up tents

Has anyone ever made or taken apart a pop-up tent or hamper or whatnot? I really would like to know what kind of wire they use and how they do it. I think it would make for some interesting and versatile set pieces.

I'm thinking along the lines of this type of thing.

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I suspect it's this stuff: https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/spring-steel-wire-in-pop-up-tents.html

So I stumbled across this while I was looking to see if anyone has made a pop-up tent for beach shade, and figured that in case anyone was still curious 8 years later I'd add to this :) If you are opening them up and finding springy steel stuff, they probably use the same type of boning used to make corsets. (here http://corsetmaking.com/costume-continuous-boning/CMS-SSB4-CR.html).

It could also be the completely flat steel and plastic used for hoop skirts (here http://corsetmaking.com/hoop-boning/CMS-WSB2-CR.html). I'm relatively certain it's probably one of those though!

hollycrest10 years ago
Did you ever find out where to buy this flat springy steel used in pop up products?
Icetigris (author)  hollycrest10 years ago
No, I never did find out what it is. It looks like the stuff I have in my pop-up hamper is a ribbon of some kind of steel wire, but I'm not too sure.
Patrik Icetigris10 years ago
Yeah - your best source for this kind of stuff may very well be the local dollar store. I think I saw some of those pop-up clothes hampers there, for only a few $ a piece. That'll give you several feet per $.
Kiteman10 years ago
It's either a flat springy steel strip (if it's a cheap kids' garden tent), or narrow carbon-fibre rods.

Be careful with the carbon-fibre - there is a minimum radius you can bend them too - wind them too tight and you have extremely sharp carbon-fibre splinters. A fellow Cub leader got such a splinter in his finger last month - it went right through, like those joke nail-injuries you get in crackers.
. Carbon-fibre?!?!? Learn how to spell! Even Firefox pukes over 're' ROFLMAO
. Isn't CF still rather expensive for cheap toys and gadgets? I'll take your word for it, but I always thought the non-"flat springy steel strip" rods were cheaper fiberglass (or something similar).
. Not that I've ever looked that close at the rods, but you looked like you could use some abuse. <snicker>
The word fibre is the proper British spelling of the word fiber. Both are correct and used interchangeably.
. I was just giving him a hard time. ;) Someone else, who shall remain anonymous, was harassing him about a minor typo in another thread.
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