PopSci How 2.0's

I'm not that tech savvy but you would think they would be a little more clear with their directions. Has anyone done this flashlight conversion. I have all the parts but don,'t understand the directions they are a bit vague, can anyone help?

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Goodhart8 years ago
First off there is a link in the article about the flashlight to Nuts n Volts, here at this link and secondly, despite how vague the directions are at The Popsci site there are 3 pages of instructions there in addition to the links they give.
Atradius (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Thank you for the info I'll let you know how it works out
guyfrom7up8 years ago
can u scan or find a link to the article? thanks
Atradius (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
Which step is causing the problem?