Portable TV 4 sale

I have a portable tv here, lost the screws for the back cover, but other than that it still works. 

( Wont pick up tv stations --> everything went to digital)

Good for projects that need a small CRT

Comes with a small wall wart.

$23 for it ---> total

Because it  costs abit to pack it so nothing breaks ---> large flat rate box

Anywhere in the USA

Picture of Portable TV 4 sale
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R.A.T.M6 years ago
do you have a battrie for it or juct the ac adapter
inductionheat! (author)  R.A.T.M6 years ago
I have the ac adapter.
ok will you trade anthing
R.A.T.M6 years ago
ya will you
Willing to trade anything for it?