Portal Gun

This fan-made Portal gun is one of the best that's showed up on the net. This was made as a prop for a girlfriend's costume. Check out the photos for all the lovely details.

Portal photo set

How to make a Portal Gun

Picture of Portal Gun
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Luckily enough, there is a video showing how you can build your own cheap portal gun on Youtube. just look up "DIY Portal Gun BFX"!
There are no photos of it being used. I think it's fake.

not fake
I guess you could build a projector of sorts into it you can project "portals" onto walls. There could be two triggers for blue/orange
Cough cough instructable cough...
that wud be awesome!
jeff-o Uru Wolf8 years ago
That is a really cool idea... High power LEDs would probably do the trick!
Uru Wolf jeff-o8 years ago
True, nice and small. I can't wait to see it XD
Uru Wolf8 years ago
Wow, that's amazing. Where can I get one?
You can't. Harrison Krix only made 5 replicas, 3 of them gone to individuals and 2 of them auctioned (1 for charity) and all is gone now.
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