Positions available at Instructables (updated Nov. 14, 2016)

Graphic Artist

Instructables is looking for an awesome person to join our Editorial Team! Our ideal candidate is a talented graphic designer who is excited about owning the design of our contest graphics and helping to extend our brand visually and compellingly through social media, email, printed collateral, and branded swag.  

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with the contest and editorial teams to make sure every contest we run is represented by inspiring, on-brand graphics
  • Produce all promotional graphics and ads for social and newsletter outreach
  • Create editorial assets for all social media platforms where we distribute our content
  • Shoot, edit and prep photography for graphics, as needed

  • 1+ years of experience in graphic design and illustration for the web, preferably at a digital media outlet
  • Sophisticated sense of design, typography, and photography
  • Proficient with Adobe CS, particularly Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong collaborative skills and the ability to integrate feedback with a positive, can-do attitude
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Motivated self-starter with ability to work efficiently in a deadline-driven environment
  • An authentic passion for making things
  • Ability to work full-time. Our office is in San Francisco but we will consider remote candidates for this position.

Do you think you’d be a good fit with our team? We’d love to chat with you! Send your cover letter, portfolio, and resume to auctoramentum at instructables dot com.  If you're already a member of our community be sure to mention your username when you apply. Make the subject of your email robot-related, and if possible, fun!

Lead Principal Engineer; Choreograph Cooperating 3D Printing Robots

Write C++, Algorithms to Choreograph 3D Printing Robots

Autodesk’s “Project Escher” has created an industry-changing machine control system to generate toolpaths for collaborating gangs of 3D printing robots. We are looking for an outstanding lead C++ software engineer to help make smart, fast and extensible code. The goal of the project is to make a tool that allows our users to create and modify huge things, faster than they’ve ever been made before.

The position involves working with a close-knit multi-disciplinary team that develops both toolpath planning and real-time control software, defines software capabilities, and prototypes new types of 3D printers in order to test and demonstrate this new class of manufacturing. The current focus is on “FDM” 3D printing but future applications will apply to many additional manufacturing processes.

The office is part of Autodesk’s unique Pier 9 complex.

The must-haves:
  • Solid C++ chops
  • History of releasing production code
  • Experience creating and working with algorithms
  • Adept at spatial problem solving

Very-nice- to-have:
  • Experience implementing rigorous software testing
  • Experience with computational geometry

Nice-to- haves:
  • CS and/or mathematics background
  • Experience with 3D printing or CNC machining
  • Experience with geometry processing
  • Familiarity with C++ templating

Other info:
  • Very competitive salary and compensation/benefits package
  • Autodesk is ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the 100 best companies to work for as well as one of the Top 100 workplaces for women
  • Work at the Pier 9 complex, co-located with Autodesk’s amazing experimental workshop: a world-class facility with full machine shop, wood shop, laser cutters, industrial 3D printers, textile area, electronics lab, test kitchen, artists-in- residence…..you name it!

To Apply:

Please submit your resume and a cover letter in .PDF format. Tell us why you’d be a great fit!



We don't have internships available now, but we love meeting people who love making. Be bold! Propose a project, and we'll get back to you.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what happens behind the scenes here at HQ, here’s your chance! We want passionate people who can use our amazing workspace to help them realize their maker dreams, and help us manage the best community on the Internet. These paid positions are located at the Pier 9 workshop in San Francisco.

The strongest applicants will have an Instructables account with a history of well documented projects which show off your amazing skills. Send an email to auctoramentum at instructables dot com with a fun, robot-related subject line. What are you waiting for? Blow us away with your creative portfolio and tell us what projects you want to make when you’re here!

Artists in Residence

The Pier 9 Artists in Residence (AIR) program gives artists, makers, and fabricators a chance to work with us in our digital fabrication workshops at Autodesk. Our artists explore, create, and document cutting-edge projects, and share them with the DIY community. See the Autodesk AIR website for more information and instructions to apply.

Volunteer Intern/Apprentices - orphans preferred

The illustrious Tim Anderson, one of Instructables most prolific authors, is also seeking interns, orphans preferred. See his posting here.

About Instructables

Instructables is the most popular Do It Yourself community on the Internet. With currently over 29 million monthly active users, you will join a team that is having a meaningful impact on the world. Started in August 2005, Instructables provides accessible tools and publishing instructions to enable passionate, creative people to share their most innovative projects, recipes, ideas, and hacks. The site is currently home to over 100,000 projects covering such diverse areas as crafts, art, kids, electronics, pets, bikes, cars, robotics, green projects, and cooking.  In 2011, we were acquired by Autodesk.  Our benefits are now super-charged!  

We're located at Pier 9 in San Francisco in the world's most advanced workshop directly on the bay with gorgeous natural light and unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge. In our shop, we have CNC everything, a 5-axis waterjet, an 11-axis mill, the largest collection of high-end 3D printers, a woodshop, a metal shop, an enormous test kitchen, industrial sewing machines, and a fully stocked electronics lab. See this Machine Catalog Instructable for a peek. 

If you want to work remotely
Click here for more information about helping out around the Instructables website.

This is the most recent and up to date job listing for Instructables despite the posting date.

Picture of Positions available at Instructables (updated Nov. 14, 2016)
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Arsenal6715 months ago

Hi, I would like you to consider me as your new Graphic Artist. I am almost 13 in SC and could work here online through Gmail, Google Hangouts, and other digital communication services to help provide the Instructables websites you want.

I have experience in Binary code(01000001, 01000010, 01000011, and so on) and JavaScript(ellipse(200, 200, 200, 200 ); )
I have experience with crafting all kinds of new gadgets and trinkets( I am working on one right now )

If you are interested, contact me.

You're not going to get the job if you can't work out how to apply.

Read the post carefully, all the way through.


That was a reply to Arsenal671.

Two months ago...

Would you be interested in hiring someone who is located in TN (and wants to stay here) as an individual who can "spell check" your site? Typo's and misspelled words are every where. If so contact me, I'm your girl!

I realize this is a year-old question, but unfortunately you probably wouldn't be qualified for a proofreader position, PattyCakes. A common error is making a possessive out of a plural, such as you did with "typos." And "everywhere" is one word. A comma is needed after "If so..." There are many errors just in your own three-sentence post. I hear a buzzer going off.

??????? oh bless! I remember someone sending in a job application with our company to do proof reading, so many errors!

I realise that this is a year-old question, but, unfortunately, you probably wouldn't be qualified for a proofreading position, PattyCakes. It is a common error to make a plural possessive, such as you did with "typo", and "everywhere" is usually one word. A comma is needed after "If so...". There are many errors in your own three-sentence post.
I hear a buzzer going off.

Sorry, but the reply was obligated.

umm "every where" is spelled everywhere

If you see mistakes in an instructable, you need to contact the author directly.

heenas22 months ago

I have done Bachelor of Technology in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am very much interested to do internship/intern/apprentices with Instructables.

rkingsland4 months ago

Good Morning!

I'm an artist, art teacher and also teach crochet and knitting. If you ever need anyone to teach crochet and have an opening what would I do to apply. I am also interested in learning more about teaching online. I have a masters in Art Ed. and I have been teaching 18 years.

JunezRiyaz4 months ago

I am Currently pursuing 2nd year Bachelor of Technology in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering . I am very much interested to do internship/intern/apprentices with Instructables.

BrittLiv7 months ago

This sounds like an absolute dream.

mchau21 year ago

i am so extremely excited to applied for internship! I am still writing up my application!! Gonna send it this weekend i hope!

Izzypup1 year ago

Kiteman - you are, in my humble opinion, eligible for sainthood! I so admire your patience, particularly with Bennethazelton. He must suffer from terribly low self esteem to try so desperately to force you to admit he's right. I question his maturity level as well. In my college classes in Early Childhood Education I learned that children learn best and feel most comfortable with repetition. Bennethazelton's multiple, almost word-for-word repetitions of the same argument - well, it makes me wonder.

My approach each tutorial is, if it interests me, I read it. If I want to attempt it, I read it more carefully to be sure I understand the process. If there's something I don't understand, I ask the author.

If there's a tutorial that I find fascinating but requires a skill set I don't come close to possessing, I compliment the author, expressing my jealousy - and move on to the next lesson.

Put simply, if I'm a 'newby' regarding any tutorial, I may take steps to learn the individual skills necessary to eventually be successful following the original tutorial. Otherwise, I'll not touch it with a 10 foot pole! Hopefully, most 'newbies' have that much common sense! If so, the newby situation is self-policing.

Now I have to apologize for placing my comment here. I do understand that this is the appropriate place ONLY for questions regarding the position(s) advertised, (questions regarding items that can't be found in the position description - do people not READ it? The answer to every question I read was included there!) Anyway, this was the only place I knew to comment.

And, as far as my applying for any position, I'm afraid the only one I'm qualified for would be Token Newby!

Elgato19711 year ago

Hi i send some information about me in this e mail, but not working what I do wrong please help me thanks

auctoramentum at instructables dot com

Instructables is the best DIY website with community support.

geoslim131 year ago

I live in WV and was wondering if there are any openings for work-from-home jobs. I want to note that while I do have a GED, I do not have a college degree. I need a job to earn money to get car insurance so I can return to school.

Keep an eye on the topic for "remote" positions.

how old do you have to be


Delighted to meet you. I work with children (and grownups that enjoy imagination) and find this community to be very inspiring. I hope to help a few girls (and boys) consider STEM and embrace the possibilities of design, production, and sharing at both a local and global level.

Lukhman1 year ago


Instructable provides us the most inspiring ideas on this virtual internet word! The most worked as well DIY innovation that individually created by geniuous contributors!

I like instructables !!!

I like instructables too, Very informative things I am learning here

Hi! I'm interested in doing something creative!

I'm interested in creating a project for Instructables and would like to know if Instructables would be interested. It's something that no other "how-to" site has and which I think would be extremely valuable to readers.

I have a passion for instructions that have been thoroughly tested on beginners, and revised with input from beginners, until the average beginner can breeze through the instructions with no points of confusion at all. Unfortunately most instructions (including a lot on Instructables -- sorry!) leave out something that beginners would need in order to follow the steps, or have a step that is simply wrong where an experienced user would know what to do instead, but a newbie would not. You could call it "salted water syndrome", after all the recipes that begin by saying "Take a pot of salted water" -- which is confusing to complete beginners (how much salt dissolved into how much water?) when it would have taken almost no effort for the author to specify these things.

So, my idea would be an instructions-beta-testing project that could be used to produce "gold standard" Instructables for beginners. Essentially, an Instructable would start by being released in a "beta" section, to users who are self-described beginners in a given field, who have signed up to test beta instructions. The beginners go through the instructions independently, each one submitting feedback on points of ambiguity or missing steps, and the feedback is incorporated to clarify the instructions and incrementally reduce the rate of "bug reports", until you reach the point where (say) 10 beta testers have gotten through the instructions with no points of confusion at all. At that point, the Instructable gets moved out of the beta-testing period and into the "gold standard" section, indicating that most beginning users should be able to get through it without hitting any stumbling blocks.

This would probably be more of a game-changer than the simple description makes it sound. Right now there is nowhere that a person can go to read directions on a general topic, with the confidence of knowing that they're not going to hit a point where something in the directions is missing, or wrong. You can, at best, hope that if you try about three different recipes, about one of them will come out as the author intended. As you gain more cooking experience, you learn to identify the parts of the recipes that are missing or wrong, and so your batting average goes up. But that doesn't mean we can't just fix the parts of the recipe that are missing, or wrong, to raise the batting average for beginners too.

So -- would Instructables be interested in creating a project like this and a position to help run it?

Are you suggesting the creation of a team to recreate every instructable as they are published?

Not every single one. There are lots of ways you could select the Instructables to be revised through beta testing. The authors could nominate their own (not every author would want to do this, since it is work, after all, to incorporate feedback from everyone until your 10 beta testers in a row are able to breeze through your directions with no problem). Or the company could select some that look the most promising.

However you select the Instructables, the idea is to get them to the point where 10 newbie users in a row can get through them with no problem, so that then they can be released to everybody else. And everyone else would know that these Instrucables stamped with this sort of "Instrucables Gold" seal of approval, are the ones that you can breeze through without running into any points of ambiguity.

Hmm, not a flier, IMO, it would need too big investment in staffing to get any observable increase in quality, and the turnaround time would cut the views authors might get.

If people have problems following an instructable, they can ask for help in the comments.

I'm not talking about having the Instructables staff review and beta-test the instructions, I'm saying the site could recruit from regular users who want to beta-test the instructions and provide feedback.

Instructables users are already reading and following instructions without knowing whether they'll run into an impassable problem. At least in the beta-testing program, they'll have the satisfaction of knowing that if they hit a problem, they can submit feedback and help other users avoid that problem :)

The problem with the comments section is that while occasionally an incorrect part of the instructions will be corrected in the comments, there is also lots of wrong information posted in comments as well.

You're correct that there's no obvious benefit to *authors*, since it would take a lot more work to produce an Instructable that gets through the beta-testing process. (Right now, an author can release an Instructable to the world in first-draft form, no requirement at all that they have to verify anyone is able to actually follow it :) ) However, if there were a separate "Instructables Gold" section for only thoroughly-beta-tested directions, and it was easily findable through the main site and there were enough readers who were interested, then at first there would be far fewer directions posted in "Instructables Gold" and they would receive a disproportionate amount of attention. This gives writers extra incentive to write for that section. And that incentive continues to draw more people to write for "Gold", until you reach an equilibrium where there have been enough Instructables posted in Gold that they individual ones no longer receive as much attention as they used to. They would still proportionally receive *more* attention than the "regular" Instructables (because there are fewer Instructables in Gold, and because readers know they're more useful), but not enough to offset the extra work to create them. But by the time you reach equilibrium, you've still got a ton of them posted under Gold, ready for people to use them.

Such a team already exists, the Community Team.

We help authors behind the scenes to get their work to as high a quality as possible, and feature the "gold" stuff to the front page. Beyond that, the "pure gold" gets included in the newsletter, an event which, typically, gains an author 10-20,000 extra views in just a day or two.

We don't usually make the projects, but we are all experienced Makers, so we can still ensure the level of quality you are talking about.


Overall, the level of quality of the site is self-policing. Good projects get featured by the CT, and shared by the general membership. They get physical, cash-value rewards for quality by winning contests, something that is only possible for high-quality authorship.

This sets aspirational standards that authors try and meet, in much the same way as the "be nice" policy prevents the sorts of trolling and flaming that happens on sites like YouTube, Facebook or Tw

Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago



Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to this before now.

But, I appreciate the fact that experts do review the instructions; however I'm talking about reviewing the instructions to make sure they're usable by newbies, don't leave anything out just because it would be "obvious" to an expert, etc. The people in the best position to review instructions for that purpose, would be actual newbies, who could leave feedback on whether it worked.

More generally, I think a lot of these assumptions -- that if a set of instructions has been reviewed and approved by experts in the field, then it must be usable to newbies -- are just that, *assumptions*. They may be true or partially true, but they would require evidence. (A few self-described newbies who post comments saying "Hey, neat!" doesn't necessarily count, because for every one who posts a comment there may be 10 who tried and couldn't get it to work.)

On the other hand, with a protocol something like what I described, no assumptions are being made -- *by definition*, only after an instructable has gotten feedback from a high enough percentage of actual newbies saying that they got it to work, does it get the stamp of approval saying "Actual newbies can get this to work."

If you doubt that Instructables can have hidden pitfalls that are invisible to "experts" but which will trip up newbies, try this: What is an example of an Instructable -- just one, in any category -- that you think will work with no problem in the hands of a newbie? I can try it out for you (I'm a newbie at almost everything "crafty"). Only conditions are that it has to have a well-defined result, so we can tell if it worked (not a general skill like "welding") and can't require too specialized equipment (like your spanner bracelet one -- I don't have a vice grip :) ).

Pick any of my instructables - I try and write them all for readers new to the skills involved.

Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago

(I ought to point out, it doesn't matter whether or not you persuade me about this idea, I'm not responsible for staffing or recruitment.)

(Don't worry, you didn't mislead me, I didn't think you worked for Instructables -- if I did, I would answer your messages sooner :) )

Anyway, I don't have the equipment to try out the wrench-brancelet Instructable, so I looked at the next one, the "Remote Match". As a complete newbie to the subject, here are the parts where I would get confused trying to build a working solution:

- You said to make the thin wire, you took multi-core electrical wire, then, "I stripped it, and pulled out individual strands a few centimeters long." How do you make a ten-foot length of wire from that? Did you take all of the 10-centimeter pieces of wire and twist them together at the ends to make one longer length, or what? How am I supposed to make a 10-foot length of wire no thicker than a single strand of multi-core electrical wire?

- For that matter, if I go to the store looking for electrical wire, aren't there going to be different thicknesses, and other variations between the different kinds? How should I know what to buy? If I'm stripping the wire and using just a single *strand* from the multi-core wire, does that mean the wire thickness doesn't matter, because all I care about is the thickness of a single strand?

- You said you have to avoid shorting the wire. So if I have two lengths of single-strand exposed wire strand running from a power supply 10 feet away, to the match head, and back, does that mean the two lines should be buried/hidden with some distance between them, to make sure they don't touch?

- Regarding the multitude of choices between a laboratory power pack, a car/motorcycle battery, or a car/motorcycle battery charger -- having a multitude of choices is helpful if you have enough expertise to know which is best, but as a newbie, it just means I have no idea which of those options I'm supposed to pick. The cheapest options for "car battery charger" on Amazon are almost $100, and car batteries themselves are over $50. If I search instead for "laboratory power pack", apparently that's not what those devices are actually called in the product listings, so I don't know which ones would meet the requirements.

Bottom line, as a newbie I would prefer for the instructions to simply recommend one power supply option that is good enough in 90% of situations -- where if none of the "unusual conditions" apply to them, they can just pick that off-the-shelf option and be done with it. Or explanations that anybody can understand, for which to use in different situations: "If you need the trick to work without access to a power supply, get a car battery. If you want to save money, get this specific laboratory power supply." etc. If Instructables allows it, I would link to specific products on Amazon, especially since I don't know what kind of "laboratory power pack" to get.

- Speaking of which, you mention that when you set it up, you had to have an extension cord running back to a power supply. I assume that means that if you go with the "laboratory power pack" option, you need access to a power socket? Do they make "lab power packs" that are battery-powered and don't need a socket, or do you need to use a car battery in that case if you're trying to pull off the trick without access to a power supply?

- The picture in step 5 shows wire with the yellow plastic coating still around it. I thought you built your wire out of individual strands from multi-core wire that had been stripped?

- You mention "fuel from a model steam engine" at one point. If I'm supposed to follow in your footsteps, I have no idea how to get that kind of fuel or what it is -- again I would link to a specific product on Amazon, if it's important to have exactly the right thing, and if Instructables will let you.

Anyway, none of this is to take away from the contribution that you made by writing these directions up. What I'm saying is that if you took these existing directions (call them Version A), and then you took a revised version of the directions that had these ambiguities smoothed out (call it Version B), and then you took 50 newbies and randomly divided them into two groups where one group tried to follow Version A and one group tried to follow version B, I'll bet you would get a *measurable* difference in the percentage of users who are able to follow the directions to the end without getting stuck. And eventually, through the revision process, you'd reach the point where almost any newbie can go through the directions without hitting any stumbling blocks at all.

I'm sorry, but you are sounding very arrogant almost, Bennett, I agree with kiteman, and he does know his stuff! He's been here longer than most of us, so I advise listening to him. People shouldn't need help on their ible's unless they want it. If someone offers, great! If not, I'm happy with mine. Just go over your comments, and read through them a couple times. Evaluate the site and whether the service is necessary. Is it? Probably not. They don't need to spend more money on workers, and there are plent of good instructables. Thanks, and I don't mean to sound rude or harch.

Kiteman said his instructable could be followed by a newbie. I pointed out some places where there were steps missing that prevented it from being followed by a newbie.

As I said to Melia, if you think I'm wrong, then read the instructable at


look at the picture in step 5, and tell me where in the instructable it says how to attach the single-strand bare wire wrapped around the match heads, to the yellow plastic-coated wire leading away from the bundle.

If you can't tell me that, then the point stands: the instructable is missing steps, and the procedure I outlined in the original post, would have caught it.

If I answer your question, will you quit asking the same thing over and over?The bare wires in the final project are the stripped ends of the coated wire; they are not bits of wire connected to the coated wire. The short, stripped wires are simply for testing - note the clip leads that connect to them to a power source, simulating the long coated wire in the final project.

To anyone who has had even a basic electricity/electronics class, this is obvious; a complete newbie should not be connecting anything to a power supply of any sort.

As a technical writer, I agree that procedures should be tested, but they should be tested with your target audience, and someone w/o a basic knowledge of electricity/circuits is definitely not the target audience for this procedure.


I think you're right about electricity! This started because Kiteman wrote:

"Pick any of my instructables - I try and write them all for readers new to the skills involved."

"THIS started because SOMEONE wrote SOMETHING"... :-)

It may sound arrogant, but if you are not able to deal with those details for yourself, then maybe you shouldn't be attempting the project at all?

I don't know your background, but I do know that you have written not yet written any instructables yourself. When you are writing for an audience that is utterly unknowable, based in hundreds of countries, on every continent, living in conditions varying from comfortable luxury to absolute poverty, with every level and form of education, working in every major language, with an effectively infinite variation in the skills and materials available, it is an absolute impossibility to write a single set of instructions that will satisfy every firm of newbie.Instead, every author must assume that their readers have a level of skill, competence and flexibility that will allow them to achieve success using the instructable as a starting point within their personal context.

To go back to your original example of "how salty is water?" If you were to define it as "two tea spoons per cup", I've just looked in my kitchen, and I have three sizes of teaspoon and six sizes of cup. Which combination is correct? If you define it in terms of mass and volume, then you are expecting people to purchase accurate scales and glassware.

No, far easier, and far more inclusive to say "salty water".


Further, the scheme you propose would not work on any useful scale.Quite aside from the effort of finding fifty "newbies" on a site that attracts people already in possession of a certain level of ability, it is a major challenge organising strangers online. The way you suggest, you are looking at around three to six months per project. Plus, you would have to be on a constant recruitment drive for more and more newbies, both to make up the inevitable drop-outs, and because, after just a couple of cycles through your process, the newbies will develop too much skill to be called "newbie" any more.

Well you said, "I try and write them all for readers new to the skills involved." You don't have to write for newbies if you don't want to, but I asked for an example of something that would work in the hands of a newbie, and you said to pick one of yours.

Let's pick just one thing that was not explained in the instructable: You said you took multi-core wire, stripped it, and "pulled out strands that are just a few centimeters long". How, from that, did you get a single strand that was 10 feet long? Taking the 10 cm pieces and twisting the ends together to make one long piece?

Who exactly are you trying to convince here?

You need to learn exactly how unrealistic your expectations and plans actually are, and I think there is only one way for you to do it: write an instructable, then recruit yourself a team of reviewers and revisers to go through it.

When you've done that, come back and rub my nose it it if you want, but until you've proved yourself right for real, I'm done with you.

I don't have to "prove" anything -- you left out the step of how to take 10-centimeter pieces of wire, and from there, make a 10-foot strand of wire to carry the current :) (Take individual 10-cm pieces and twist the ends together? I still have no idea.) My *hypothesis* was that a group of volunteer beta testers could catch things like that -- and I did prove that, as a beta testing group of 1.

I'm starting to think that maybe the idea is not to build the *entire* circuit from a single strand of wire, but just to use single-strand wire for the part that wraps around the match heads, and then the rest of the circuit can be normal wire (which would explain the plastic coating around the wire in your picture). Then you still need a way to attach the single-strand wire segment to the regular multi-core wire that makes up the rest of the circuit. I recall from doing something similar that if you just hand-twist the wires together, that connection has too much resistance and doesn't work. I didn't have a soldering iron, so I got some plastic screws that were made for connecting wire endings with little resistance, and used those to screw the wires together and it made my circuit work. Is that the missing step?

part of the fun is making mistakes, learning from them, filling in the blanks, and coming up with your own solutions, not having your hand held the whole way through a project.

how annoying would it be to wait 3 weeks for a bunch of newbies (not experts) to critique your project? this shit isn't engraved in stone, it's easy to edit.

how can you write so much about this? it's off topic as well!

Well OK if the instructions are not supposed to actually work -- if the errors and omissions are deliberate in order for the reader to mentally work around them -- then that's different.

However, I think there is a definite need which can be filled by a site that provides instructions which actually work. (Perhaps in a separate section like Instructables Gold that I was proposing.)

In any case, I don't think anybody deliberately sets out to write instructions that have omissions and mistakes in them. I think they set out to write instructions that are accurate, and then when people point out the steps that are missing or wrong, they get defensive and say that OF COURSE they left that part out, because EVERYBODY knows THAT.

Take one of the omissions in Kiteman's instructions, which is that he said you can strip out 10-cm pieces of single-core wire, but then didn't specify how to make that into a 10-foot connection to a car battery. (Peering at the pictures, I finally *think* what he meant to say was to wrap one 10-cm piece around the match heads, and then connect that single 10-cm piece to the 10-foot pieces of regular un-stripped multi-core wire running back to to the battery. But how do you connect it? Hand-twisting wire ends together never worked for me, it introduces too much resistance in the connection. Soldering iron?) Do you think he left that out on purpose, to "challenge" the reader? Or that he just forgot to put it in, and then got defensive when it was pointed out?

And I don't know where you got "3 weeks" from. I submitted feedback on the missing steps right after reading the directions.

I have been building things and selling plans on how to build them since the 70's (yes I am old, but wise) long before this internet thing even existed and I have to side with Bennet on this.
There aught to at least be a badge or such telling folks that the instructables are reader tested for beginners or some other level of expertise be it cooking or how to build a gasifier wood stove. This is not hard to do. Either they're newbie friendly or they are not. Get off your high horse or hurt feelings or whatever and listen to the man. He DOES have a very valid point. Newbies should not be guessing between the lines and I don't care how many countries you write to. It just could be dangerous and lead to injury, death or simply lawsuits if you are proven negligent due to cavalier instructions that assume (your answers have been a bit dismissive and cavalier and he has pointed out many a valid flaw for you). It would be quite simple to "badge" the instructables, based upon feedback for example, as to skill level. No committee needed. I see Youtube vids all the time that are downright dangerous and there will be lawsuits when newbies burn down their houses or such. Take my word for it, it will happen. How salty the water is doesn't rate such scrutiny but it is still a point and apparently you are unaware that a "teaspoon" does not mean any old spoon in the drawer but is actually a unit of measure as is a "cup". That really set me off and I assure you I am not alone. Please take this as a "constructable" as it is intended.

As I understand it, on Instructables, authors hold the intellectual property rights and therefore any liability. It is not Instructables responsibility or mission to ensure that instructables are able to be followed by a newbie. Additionally, a good maker is a seeker of knowledge and a problem solver. If the instructions are not perfect or comprehensive, simply ask the author for clarification or seek out additional information.

Well if you read this thread, I have asked the author, multiple times, what he would recommend for attaching the yellow-coated wires to the single-strand bare wires. That step is missing from the Instructable.

You're right, of course the existing framework does not make any representations that an Instructable can be followed by a newbie. That's why I proposed a *new* subset of Instructables where instructions could be beta-tested by newbies to ensure that they could be followed.

The fact that Kiteman's Instructable has won so many awards and likes, is, if anything, proof that the existing system is *not* enough quality control -- because you can have a crucial step missing, and still win all of those awards.

As I have said, over and over again, this topic is not the place for this conversation, and I am not the person you need to either convince or somehow prove "wrong".

If you genuinely think your plan has value, put your proposals together into a sensible format, and present them to the site owners via service@instructables.com, or start your own forum topic, but stop cluttering up this topic.

I would advise, though, that your comments and plans would be much more credible if it were not for the fact that the only activity on your profile was a suggestion that morphed into a series of personal attacks. You could start by publishing instructables of your own, and show us how to meet your exacting standards.

On both counts, I think the appropriate saying is "put your money where your mouth is".

I did already ask the same question in the comments for your instructable, and you refused to answer there, too :)

As I said, when I originally posted this, it was about optionally creating a new job to helm a new project.

All of the off-topic subsequent discussions were started by other people, claiming that the highest-rated Instructables discussions were *already* good enough to be followed by newbies. I'm just responding to those claims with counterexamples.

hi bennetthaselton, if you want to make a better instructable than what any author has posted, try "I made it!" button, then make your own version explaining what improvements you made to the existing one

Well first, I don't know what the missing step is, so I can't fill it in myself, and second, I don't think you're allowed to just copy another person's instructable wholesale and make changes to it without their permission.

But that's not really the point anyway; my point is that the existing system rewards instructables that "look cool" even if they have missing steps, without providing any rewards to people who create a better instructable that has the steps filled in. So even if I knew what the missing step was, and even if I were allowed to clone the original instructable and create a new version that had the missing step filled in, my new version would likely not even get 1/100th of the views of the old one, even though mine would be the one that was easier to follow.

*sigh* One last time, OK?

As I have said, over and over again,
this topic is not the place for this conversation, and I am not the
person you need to either convince or somehow prove "wrong".
you genuinely think your plan has value, put your proposals together
into a sensible format, and present them to the site owners via service@instructables.com
, or start your own forum topic, but stop cluttering up this topic.
would advise, though, that your comments and plans would be much more
credible if it were not for the fact that the only activity on your
profile was a suggestion that morphed into a series of personal attacks.
You could start by publishing instructables of your own, and show us how to meet your exacting standards.
On both counts, I think the appropriate saying is "put your money where your mouth is".


Sounds like you might be better off starting your own project site...

reading posts between you and bennetthaselton, itsounds like bennetthaselton (ben) has some kind of frustration based grudge against your work. I don't understsnd why ben is trying to disect your work and point out missteps. Bens whole proposal seems more like a sidestep, an indirect way to say he didnt like your instructions.

I proposed a system that would produce instructables which could be read and followed by a complete newbie. Kiteman said the system was unnecessary because his instructables could already be read and followed by a complete newbie. I pointed out a couple of places where there were steps missing, he said got defensive, and it went downhill from there.

Here's the instructable he was talking about:


Look at the picture in step 5 -- you can see the yellow plastic coated wire running to where the single-strand wire is wrapped around the match head. The missing step is that the instructable doesn't describe how to connect the yellow wire to the single-strand bare wire around the match. I assume the missing step is that you either solder it, or use one of those plastic twisty knobs I bought at radio shack that you can use to twist two wires together. (But these things are missing from the "material and tools" in step 1.)

If you think I'm wrong, then you tell me: (a) How do you connect the single-strand bare wire threads to the longer plastic-coated wire, and (b) where is that in the instructable?

Otherwise, the original point stands: (1) The instructable is missing multiple steps that prevent it from being followed by a newbie, and (2) the review system I proposed would have caught it (since I caught it on the first read-through).

Bennetthaselton, there's no point going over exactly the same argument again. I don't know why this surfaced again, but, as I said, I am not the one you need to convince; you need to convince the site owners that your idea is viable.

To do that, you need to put together a proper rationale for your scheme, and a reasonably detailed plan for how it would work (who would be involved, how you would recruit them, time-schemes involved), some sort of cost/benefit analysis, and then send it to HQ at service@instructables.com.

If you want to discuss it with people before you send the email, then you need to start a fresh topic in the Feedback section of the forums, rather than clogging the comments on a topic about jobs.

Well I posted it in Jobs because I wanted to see if they'd be interested in hiring someone to create a process for producing newbie-friendly directions that don't leave out crucial steps.

That got hi-jacked by the discussion which started with your claim that the site *already* produces newbie-friendly directions that don't leave out crucial steps -- but that's not my fault :)

Why don't you just go ahead and update the


instructable and add the step about how to attach the yellow plastic-coated wires to the single-strand uncoated wires wrapped around the match head?

Well, if, out of over 81,000 readers, only one has had an actual problem following it, and that person was deliberately looking for a problem to have, I don't really think I need to.

Anyway, I think you've moved on from trying to prove yourself right to proving me wrong, which, I can assure you, will be a bootless task.

As I said, you need to put together a proper rationale for your scheme, and a reasonably detailed plan for how it would work, some sort of cost/benefit analysis, and then send it to HQ at service@instructables.com.

Meh, he was trying to prove a point, but the whole discussion is past and gone as far as I'm concerned. As I said several months ago, I'm not the one he needs to convince. If he wanted to pursue the idea, he should have contacted HQ directly. Maybe he did, but I don't see any activity on his profile except this thread, so I'm guessing he's moved on to other projects.

use a long strand of carbon fiber. you can find sheets of the stuff online. Thinner than a human hair with high tensile strength.

haldanh Kiteman2 years ago


Oh man, these kids born in the 90's are killing me. How do you do it Kiteman?

Giulia Art1 year ago

I'm 20,I am from Romania but now I live in Italy, i like to comunicate with people and i also want a position at Instructables because i love this place:)

I would like to work like a Weekend Community Manager here at Instructables!

Looking forward to your answer!


The posting tells you where to send your application.

(PS, it's not a good idea to post your personal email in a public forum.)

where to send it? I don't see any email!

This bit:

Do you think you’d be a good fit with our team? We’d love to chat with
you! Please send a resume and cover letter to auctoramentum at
instructables dot com
, and make the subject of your email robot-related
if you can.

abwalzain1 year ago

hi i am asking about haw to controing dc motor by arduino uno and i need the cod pleass

snowg1 year ago

hi guys!

There was an opening for generalist designer sometime back. Got closed before I could apply. Wondering if I should just go ahead and apply.

Nothing wrong with a speculative application - use the contact details in the posting.

Could you delete my 2 instructables today. Its the empty one.

You can do that yourself.

Go to the instructable, and hit "edit". In the edit mode, there is a button at the left that looks like a bullet-pointed list.

Hit that button, and a new menu appears, with "delete" as one of the option.

slashvenom1 year ago

i love instructable

hirusha1 year ago

I love instructable and I would like to apply for an intership or customer service where do I apply

Read the post, it tells you how and where to apply.

Mr Kiteman,

You are a kind soul indeed.

YahtzeeHobo2 years ago

I would love too, but, I do not fit the requirements. :( Plus I have to go to school. even more :(

Fail spam. Sorry :(

I would like to work for myself, tinkering, playing & making things that work right. Alas, I have a mortgage & bills to pay - hence I have a regular job.

I hear you!

tominjose2 years ago

I would like to work for instructables.

Wouldn't we all?

It tells you in the post how to apply, though.

Yeah like so ,how to apply?

Er... have you read the posting?

OMG! How do you do it?! You're so polite with everyone even though it appears most either didn't read the posting or didn't pay any attention whatsoever to what they read. Sounds to me like they're all viable candidates for anything other than what was actually posted...

I'm British.

(Actually, every smiling polite answer to a loon comment causes another stomach ulcer to erupt, bring forward my grisly end, but stiff upper lip, mustn't grumble, keep and carry on....)





AlexT102 years ago

I live in South Africa. Could I get to work for Instructables from here?

Kiteman AlexT102 years ago

The end of the topic posting tells you about working remotely.

haikuordie2 years ago

I'm interested in the "content creator" position. Does this job require someone to relocate? And if not, is it a full-time job? I was wondering if it was possible to retain my current job as well. Thank you for your help

--- Micah

"This person will be joining the Instructables Content Creation Team for
an 8-month full-time contract position, with the opportunity to extend."

All the paid positions are based at Pier 9, so you'll need to relocate, and I doubt you'll have time for any other work.

egdahl2 years ago

Where is instuctables.com headquartered? As in where are the jobs?

San Francisco, CA

Jarredm2 years ago

hey I'm from Ireland I'm 17 and in school I just want to see is there anything I can do u don't have to pay me I'll do what ever for free

Kiteman Jarredm2 years ago
rshacker862 years ago

I am A 16 Year old boy from India. I know a thing or two about electronics though I'm keen to learn more. I know how to solder and de-solder. Is there any task/job for me that I can do from here and get paid???

Thank You

Sorry, remote working is on a voluntary basis:


Isaiahb2 years ago

would it be paying?

All positions listed above are paid.

right Isaiahb

Isaiahb2 years ago

wow 603 comments

PatrickP42 years ago

I am 68, retired USAF aircraft avionics, cryptographic systems tech. with a Technician Class HAM Radio license.

I wrote/re-wrote the Standards Installation Manuals (29 volumes) while establishing/teaching the one week school in the Air Force for all installers of Communications Centers, and Bases in America and Europe. Was assigned there for 3.5 years. Also taught micromodular repair, soldering practices, and worked on

the Idlewild RAPCON project, along with the first laser shots to return from the moon.

I am retired, but, rebuild several computers each week for the Friends of the Library,

Seminole county, and other charities, schools, businesses, and families.

I repair LCD monitors and computers down to the component level, TIG weld, and repair motor vehicles, bicycles, as needed. Have a Raspberry Pi B model, and am building a BIT X20A Ham Radio from scratch.

So, I have a few current "brands in the fire", and have a recommendation, to help the newbies...

1. How about a "Standards Page", a "Safe Practices Page", or links to some?

2. A writer guide for projects, so that a 'formula' is followed, as in an outline of tasks.

Thanks for a very informative, exciting, experience! Just watching technology blossom and evolve is a thrill!

If you want to apply for something, there are email addresses in the topic text.

My opinions:

A safety page has been discussed before, but the sheer range and variety of tools, tasks and processes described in the projects here make such a task fall somewhere between "infeasibly unwieldy" and "insanely complex". That's why safe working has been made the responsibility of the end-users (which also stops new authors being put off by the threat of legal action).

Regarding your second point, we do have a set of quality guidelines - https://www.instructables.com/community/Featuring-... - but to recommend a specific formula would make previously creative and distinctive projects start to look rather repetitive and, well, formulaic.

WineSoaked2 years ago

Hey wow! I'm smart, easy to work with, and do Java backend development (Spring, iBATIS/Hibernate, build automation, XML). And I have my own maker blog to boot: http://randybuildsthings.wordpress.com

How shall I reach you to toss my hat in the ring?


Send us an email! It's in there somewhere....

Hello there!

Been a long time reader here! I was hoping to find out if you are looking for a back-end php programmer?

Thanks for everything you do! <3

Is their something I could do from home to help with the Spanish/English instructables, maybe help translate the parts that are unclear.

If you're fluent in Spanish, the translated projects often need a knowing eye cast over them to make sure they read properly, or you can lurk around the Language Forum and help folk that post there (you might want to post a new forum topic to introduce yourself and say what help you can offer).

Thanks, but the links you gave aren't working, are they supposed to be links?

Yes, they were supposed to be links, but there's a bug that breaks them. The first is...


...and the second is...


Not sure if you posted links, but if you did they don't work for me.

Dear Mr. Kiteman. From what I have read you are a man of great patience. I hope you enjoyed your holiday

Thank you very topics useful, beautiful and utilitarian Site

Loganw25432 years ago

I am a freshman in high school I'm 15 years old I've done got my technology certification and electric certification I'm good to to help people on anything they need I try my best to help. I would love I work or this site because it's like my own world! I like to do how To and DIY videos and at home for fun. Please read this in consideration on my side! Thanks Logan Willoughby

At 15, you're probably best looking here:


CrayfishYAY2 years ago

I'm 18, senior in high school, & live in MS. Do I qualify for anything?

Intern? Remote helper?

kudzu632 years ago

OMG!! I wish y'all had been around about 30 years ago. I would have moved my wife out there and would have most likely preserved my health more than the physically demanding jobs that I did work at. This would have been a dream come true. I would have probably been able to still be working instead of being disabled. LOL

helenbang2 years ago

Hi, I am a high school senior (18), and I was wondering how long your internship program is. Is it possible for me to work for instructables over the summer?

OMG. I have been so enamored by the what instructable does that I have been thinking of applying for job in instructable. I will send and email with my resume and cover letter soon. I always wanter to work for a awesome company and Instructable has got me thinking. I am software tester and already fund few bug in the system...LoL

dhaneshg2 years ago

sir, there is a space for Network administrator engineer? that i will use my skill and knowledge to make better future for you company and myself.

thanking you

If you're applying speculatively, I would put together an impressive CV and portfolio, then send it with a covering letter to the email address mentioned several times in the topic post above.

JM1999 Kiteman2 years ago

Who's that, You?

Kiteman JM19992 years ago

Huh? No, I'm just advising folk how to apply for vacancies that don't currently exist (like network manager) - you need to be able to prove that you are the best thing since sliced bread if you want a company to create a position for you.

O hello mister Kiteman,, positions or vacancy always not exist, but some time created to get better capable and excellent persons.

from- steve jobs

T_Magweta2 years ago

i'm 15,from Zimbabwe,i go to school,hard worker and i also want a position at Instructables because i have going on this website longer than you imagine thank you


Unfortunately, you are currently too young to be employed at Pier 9, but you are not too young to start working on the portfolio that could get you a job there:

> Start publishing instructables of a high standard.

> Be helpful around the site (we have at least one 15 year old who has been invited to join the Community Team).

> Find out about your local Maker community, and join in with it. For instance, a quick google reveals a group in Harare called "Hypercube", who are also on Facebook. Keep a record of your activities with whatever group you join (or start), and include that in your portfolio.

manacho2 years ago

Dear Instructables, I am a member since 2008 , Im a Graphics Designer, Sign Builder and allways trying to create newer and functional things. I run my own shop, plotter and Laser cut Machine and I am also interested in Spanish Community Manager Position I have the time and the disposition to hold that job.

where can I send you my cover letter and portfolio.


Manuel Ignacio Ruiz

Kiteman manacho2 years ago

The email address is in the text of the topic...

bobbyb12 years ago

problem in download the pdf file

Kiteman bobbyb12 years ago

You don't need to post the same comment so often, and this should have been made on the Feedback or Bugs forums.

However, the reason you cannot download a PDF file of a project is because you have not got a "Pro" membership.

If you want to turn Pro, you either have to pay money to do so, or post a cool project that gets Featured, so you get rewarded with a free Pro membership.

ggumggun2 years ago


hforen152 years ago

i well work for you


haldanh2 years ago

i will love to

haldanh2 years ago

never :P

QzzQa2 years ago

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Kiteman QzzQa2 years ago

To apply for the jobs, you must send an email, including a resume ("CV"), cover letter and portfolio to auctoramentum@instructables.com

JM19992 years ago

What positions o you have available in regards to sorting content/choosing finalists?

I am also interested as to what sort of pay you would give to someone working night hours.

Kiteman JM19992 years ago

Depending on what you mean exactly by "sorting content", it would probably come under "community manager" or "generalist designer" (see the main post above).

Choosing finalists is done by the wider community, through voting, and by the general staff at Pier 9, there isn't somebody employed solely to choose finalists (it would be a very intermittent post anyway). Choosing winners is done by a judging team, which you can offer to be on. It's unpaid.

They don't have a night shift - if you see them doing stuff while you're in bed, it could be because they are themselves insomniac, and working on their own time, or you are in a different time zone to them (California is on PST, 8 hours behind UTC).

Of course, you may have some outstanding idea and/or reason for working nights at HQ - I recommend contacting the relevant staff directly and talking to them about it.

JM1999 Kiteman2 years ago

Thanks for coming back on that, I already judge a few of the incoming contests.

I will contact some of the other staff and hopefully they have something for me.

Thanks again,


JonnyBGood2 years ago

Is there anyway I can get an internship through this site? Even if I live in northern Indiana? I've been looking for some: shop, workshop, engineering related experience, and if I could get it with instructibles that would be the best case scenario!

Read the topic, it tells you how to apply.

Thanks! I applied, and I hope I get chosen!

Let us know how it goes.

With pleasure. I also decided to give you a sub because everyone (including me) respect you as an administrator on his site. I decided this for sure after I read your dealings with that guy below me. Very well dealt with, I would have needed to vent afterward.... :/

Thank you!

No problem!

cdharden2 years ago

Can I use the instructable logo on tee shirts to sell?

Probably not, but maybe. For more details, see here:


ajlynch2 years ago

I understand your HQ is based in San Fran, but is there any possibility in the foreseeable future that you may create another location anywhere else in the US?

Porda2 years ago

Hi Kiteman,

I applied for the Generalist Designer/ Technologist position 5 weeks ago. I'm sure other candidates are being pursued, but I'm worried about what to do if another position I feel qualified for is posted. I know some places discard applications if you've applied to more than one open position.

Thanks for your time, and are you getting ready for Oktoberfest?

Kiteman Porda2 years ago

Sorry I didn't answer more quickly, I'm on holiday...

I'm not part of the recruitment team, and cannot offer any opinion on what their policy might be.

My *personal* inclination would be to apply for the second post, but include a comment to the effect that you have always been keen to work for the site, would do well in the first job, but now that the new job has been advertised you think you would be even better for that (and give reasons/evidence to back this up!). However, you know that HQ know what they need better than you do, and you would be happy to work for the site in either role.

Porda Kiteman2 years ago

Sorry to interrupt your holiday, but thank you for the great response. That looks to be a great way to go about it.

Helloo I'm Eric. I dont find mot plz give some new idea to make my welding machine at home.. bcoz without welder I can't make car. I try to make spot welder with normal transformer for just trying to make welder. But it doesn't work..

There are quite a few DIY welders around the site. Have you tried the search function?


(It works best when you are careful with your spelling...)

scharky2 years ago

anything available for a grammar-fascist with an English degree? noticed some glaring typos and grammatical errors around the site...maybe you guys need a rabid proofreader, even part-time? i can imitate robot whirring and bleeping sounds if that helps at all, plus my brain just got updated with the hyperfast Microsoft Grammarplus Chipset....

Kiteman scharky2 years ago

If you want to exercise your grammar muscles, you're best doing it on voluntary victims. They can usually be found in the Clinic: https://www.instructables.com/community/The-Clinic...

If you find issues with syntax or spelling on the site architecture or in an admin-created document (like a contest), let us know at service at instructables.com. If the issue is on an individual project submitted by an author, just leave it alone. Grammar fascism is as popular as old-fashioned fascism. That said:

We've given away t-shirts without the r, I've nearly written account without the o, and we don't notice until someone points them out.

nstokes12 years ago

I don't know if you guys do stuff like this are not. But I thought I would drop a line to see if you guys do. I think there is a market for something I'm thinking of. I know about 20 people that are like me and think it would be great to have something like what I'm will till you about. I don't know if you guys even do stuff like this are not But you might want to think about putting lights some how on wheel chair's for people that use them to go out on the street's. People in cars just don't watch for people in wheelchair's at all. But I think if they had some kind of lighting on it that it might help. It's just an idea. If you do come up with something email me nrmstok@yahoo.com are if you need a gene pig.

Hello NStokes1. I have nothing to do with Pier 9, as I'm simply a member. I just wanted to comment on your idea. I think that what you are talking about is a fantastic idea. I used to be a tech at a motorcycle shop and we did this for a very independent young man who visited our store from time to time and who had all of us seriously terrified for him that he was going to be hit on the major and very busy road he would regularly travel. In fact, at some point long before I'd met him, he actually DID get hit by a truck. The story is funny of course after the fact but still horrifying none the less! One day a truck did not see him crossing the road (legally) at a turn lane and though his w/c was not hit hard at all, he wound up with both handles stuck to the grill of this truck and was pushed quite a way down the road horrifying everyone traveling in the opposite direction! Luckily the driver caught on quickly from all the honks and urgent pointing. He really was very, VERY lucky he didn't get hurt or worse. Once it was over with, he thought it was super fun that he got to go fast in his chair! Can you imagine?!? OMG!

So, we outfitted his motorized w/c with lights mounted high on extended posts to the outside of the frame in front of the handles which were his "real" headlights with yellow running lights that were also his turn signals just below them. He also got flashing running lights at four corner points of his chair. Plus, for kicks and his absolute joy we gave him a horn as well! Since we didn't want to risk him running out of juice from his main battery, a tray was created for a motorcycle battery and mounted near the base of the chair.

That young man was SO incredibly happy that someone took the time to do this for him! When he showed up to pick up his chair, he was so happy with what we had done that everyone was trying very hard to choke back tears. Most of us were not successful with that!

He was already pretty independent with that chair but with his new lights?!? He was king of the road!!!

I SO wish I had pix to show!!!

What a story! Ended surprisingly well... could easily be the opposite, as many other.

I have no idea how it is in US, but here in Portugal can be pretty dangerous to ride a bike (I won't enven refer to a wheel chair, as for exemple from where I live, there's no sidewalks in 3-4km of those 5km to the center of the town), for our bad roads or for the unconscious overspeeders. Two weeks ago I got really scared coming back home, and it was still daylight! The car passed me at +-90km/h, less than 50cm close. If it was a truck, it would have certainly suck me up right after passing me. Many people already died around here (not on "my" road) for that reason.

Lights can be life savers! Even if they can't avoid those ignorants that shouldn't have a license to drive. I wish them the worst luck!

do you mean a push wheel chair

im software engineer also creative worker from sri lanka. im like to work with you ,any freelancer work ?

jtaukuheke2 years ago

Namibia`s too far....

Jezan2 years ago

too far from the Philippines. :((

Should I be receiving any application confirmation or rejection notices? I've sent an email last week and haven't received any follow up response.

lileffects2 years ago

Do you ever hire electronics geeks to build, verify, and/or fix instructables on the site? I've been an electronics hobbyist for a couple of decades, and working in the electronics industry for roughly a decade. I've built custom audio electronics for several well known musicians as well. Unfortunately, I don't have an EE degree so I have to rely on namedropping and the long list of projects and hands-on experience that I have.
Is there a place for the seemingly uneducated at Instructables?

The best qualification for an internship is a track record of publishing awesome projects as instructables.

Time to start creating...

Porda2 years ago

Is it likely to get an interview if you're not in California? Personally, I'm in North Carolina, but I'd happily relocate for Instructables.

Kiteman Porda2 years ago

Since most of the current staff are not Californian, some are even Canadian, I'd say "go for it".

pcpolyzine2 years ago

A highlight of my day is reading responses on this message board. I am a 58 year-old disabled woman in Maryland, USA who worked for years as a product adaptation specialist. My daughter calls me a serial entrepreneur. My advice to anyone interested in getting involved at Instructables is to learn from people like Akin Yildiz who wants this in his bones. He never asks "how much" or "what" is in it for him. He already knows the answer. If you are serious about wanting to be at Instructables in any capacity, the most important question to ask is "when should I get there?" Best regards, J Havel, Columbia, MD, USA, Earth

PS - "Earth" added in case some day it becomes a necessary part of the address.

Akin Yildiz2 years ago

i wash dishes during the day and save the planet at night thru instructables.com.... i will move there for an internship just to get help to finish my design in mind !


Send in your application - the worst that can happen is they say "not this time".

The first requirement on all of these should probably be "Located in the Bay Area". Because even though I would kill it as the "Design-Focused Woodworker" and got excited, I am, alas in Los Angeles..

You could move, rent a place in Oakland.

Light_Lab2 years ago

Got all excited about the "Fashion Monster" job for my daughter, she is a perfect match to the job description except for one thing, wrong bay area. She lives in Melbourne Australia.
As for "Materials Scientist, 3D Printing" that exactly describes me and my job before I retired after doing that work for 32 years, I was even doing the 3D algorithm work and some of the programing. I still consult but again wrong country.

Just when is someone going to invent Star Trek style teleportation i{^_^}

How long will the job application for Editor / Digital Storyteller / Videographer be available?

mtkk712 years ago

The inetructables.com is a good web site and I am looking forward in it ...I am in internet marketing and working upon him as K.B.Enterprises .....Thanks!

mtkk(Taufiq Khan)

Allow serious people like us to apply

how old do i have to be for a internship?

How old are you?

i am 15 7/6 years old is that a acceptable age?

You'll probably need to involve a parent or legal guardian to arrange anything more than a visit.

inTrustme2 years ago

Mates, what is the required age for your Position of Videographer ?
Actually I don't wanted to mention my age, so for the reply (if wished by you ha) send me an email.
Mail - smartmayank97@gmail.com

"Please send a resume, demo reel, and a 1 minute video cover letter that tells the story of why you'd be great for this position to auctoramentum at instructables dot com.

Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty."

cool I might apply

akshaypatil2 years ago

i liked it

ahmad raza2 years ago

love u all

love u all

How many internship positions are there or can there only be one?

xe1ybc092 years ago

Hi everybody

nathim1002 years ago


hunter9993 years ago

Sounds good!

JM19993 years ago


manacho3 years ago

Hello I joined Instructables in 2008, and i follow you in every day. I have seen that you need bilingual help, I can work for you manage the new influx of projects in Spanish and provide help to
Spanish-language authors just getting started with Instructables.


Manuel (Manacho)

Kiteman manacho3 years ago

"Send an email to auctoramentum at instructables dot com letting us know you've applied. Make the subject line of your email to us robot-related, and, if possible, witty. Of particular interest to us is your portfolio. Make sure to highlight your coolest projects!"

nbaldan3 years ago

I could work as a designer, as a workshop manager and as a bilingual intern. I've taken the Cisco ccna 1,I've a gook knowledge of all types of graphics.

rcorthell3 years ago

Did I tell you I was a Master Gardener too? .....and a smartie pants?

rcorthell3 years ago

I would love to work here! Definitely sending my resume as well a things I have created! I love to learn so I am somewhat of a jack of all trades in numerous categories. I also have an AS in Electronics Technology, designed, manufactured and installed Avionics installation kits for corporate and commercial jets, and owned my own business!

ssquare3 years ago
Benzyl3 years ago
'You know how to run IE on a Mac' is this a trick question? IE for Mac hasn't been updated in over a decade and wouldn't run on an Intel one anyway.

Not really, there's ways to emulate IE on a mac wo/ even downloading software!

MyMenagerie3 years ago

I have many years of knowledges and experiences that would be a great asset to Instructables.com. Do you offer positions that telecommute? Thank you in advance.

supercolor3 years ago

I´m just a man with something great ideas..

gmoon3 years ago

Just an FYI: while Instructables isn't mentioned by name, the latest PopSci mag (Feb 2014) has a profile of Carl Bass (Autodesk CEO) and the Pier 9 workshop is mentioned in the article...

In the printed article, there should be a little tiny mention that is off to the side in a text box.

aHa! You're right--Instructables is mentioned in the sidebar. Cool.

dfunct3 years ago


I would like to work remotely. I am going to send in my info. to "iwannawork."

If there is anything that I missed, please send in any related info. to me, e.g. big bags of money, private jet accommodations and/or Sports Illustrated Models.



Kiteman dfunct3 years ago

To work remotely...


The Instructables workshop sounds like heaven on earth.
Doesn't it just?
Dear_Shashi3 years ago
hi, i really mad about electronics and DIY. I am a big fan of instructables and its really an honer to work with. i am too much interested from deep of my heart to work with. what i will do for that ? i am in India.
"Please send a resume, cover letter, your member name if you have one, and any other useful information to iwannawork at instructables dot com.  Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty."
mnunesvsc3 years ago
i´d like to make things, like wings for easy transportation, can i be paid to do that ?
imthedragon3 years ago
If i apply would i have to come to Pier 9 ??

If you want more details, I would contact the email addresses given in the text.
Ok sure....
imthedragon3 years ago
This opening is for which post ????

I m a PHP developer (INDIA)
suckers3 years ago
How much do u make or is it a free job?
Kiteman suckers3 years ago
It's paid, but you'd have to email HQ to find out exactly how much.
whats piear 9 mean?
Pier 9 is the location in San Francisco where the Instructables staff are based.

(PS, if you hit the Reply button, it makes it easier to keep track of conversations.)
sir !
can we do work online from home country?
such as pakistan,India etc
Interns are based in Pier 9.
hi !
south asian peoples can apply as interns of all shapes and size.
Kiteman3 years ago
Dopy question, but, now that this topic has popped up again, are these vacancies still current?

Apart from interns, is there a specific deadline?
Still current. There is no specific deadline, but we're looking to fill the positions as soon as we can.
OK, thanks.

It was just that the very old posting date might cause confusion...
creasty Kiteman3 years ago
https://www.instructables.com/id/Robot-vacuum-floor-cleaner/ we are not able to post any comment on this link,please check it,and replay,
https://www.instructables.com/id/Robot-vacuum-floor-cleaner/ we ae not able tp commenting on any instructable...there's one message get display like "please enter numer shown in image" but any number or name is not visible,please fix this error as soon as possible,we are not able to do communication for our project
Kiteman creasty3 years ago
That's a known bug, which is already being worked on. Watch for an announcement in the forums about when it has being fixed.
dnguyen363 years ago
I am studying in Hult International business school, SF.
I am looking forward an intern of instructables.
Is there any intern position for next summer?
Kante Tech3 years ago
An internships as of now. I am a college freshman that has a lot to offer.
"To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and any other useful information such as a portfolio to iwannawork at instructables dot com. Make the subject line of your email to us robot-related, and, if possible, witty."
martzsam3 years ago
Is it possible to apply for an internship as a student exiting high school and entering college? I start college in the fall and am currently looking for various internship opportunities.
If you read the full post;

"For summer 2013, we only have internship positions open for software engineering.  You must currently be in an undergraduate or graduate program to qualify."
I did see that. I was more interested by the opportunities beyond 2013.

"Instructables is seeking interns of all shapes and sizes! We're looking for people who take good pictures, write well, and want to share their knowledge and help us manage the community."
astroboy9073 years ago
I would totally do this Summer 2013 if I happened to live near Alemeda or Instructables HQ... of course, ya know, labor laws do interfere sometimes. And the fact that I live 800 miles away so commute would be a pain to say the least....

Any available internships for winter 2012?
ewilhelm (author)  GorillazMiko4 years ago
i know the reply is going to be no, but can 9 year olds do it ;)
Don't doooooooooooooo it...
I remember when you'd be jealous of an intern...
ASCAS Kiteman4 years ago
Hello MR. Kiteman!

Is there an age limit for the job? :D We would like to help out for free, just for instructables to be better place! I've been an instructable fan at the age of 10. Me and my friends have some programming capabilities, well we study in a Academics&Technical School. Building projects and programming is our hobby (HTML, CSS, JAVA, JQuery ,C++, Arduino), hope to spend my free time reaching out for some help :)))))
Kiteman ASCAS4 years ago
You're 13, right?

I don't know Californian employment law, but in the UK you would be old enough for paid work, like a paper round or helping in a shop, as long as it did not interfere with school work, and as long as your school is satisfied that the work is safe.

So, what you need to do is find out what the legal position is in San Francisco (somebody at school should be able to help with that). Regarding safety, there are no tools at HQ more dangerous than those you'll use in "shop" lessons.

Assuming that goes well, you will then need to a proposal together for Ewihelm, the boss. Say what you could help with, what skills you have, maybe even suggest projects you could do independently.

Words of warning, though:

You need to remember that HQ is not a school or youthclub - the staff there are very friendly, some of the coolest people you'll ever meet, but they have their own jobs to do, and will not be able to monitor you and your safety as closely as you may be used to.

Having said that, good luck.
ASCAS Kiteman4 years ago
Actually I'm 14. Thanks for the fast reply though! Oh I forgot to tell you, actually I live in the Philippines, pretty far from the US. I was thinking more of a home job (on the desk), like being the one to manage guide entries (source code improvements), sending some ideas and visual improvements (emailing the HQ codes). It would be fun to work with people in the HQ though.

I just realize that there's a certain section in ibles, I haven't gone into, the forum section! Well I could probably post articles about site improvements :))) I Guess the forum section doesn't get viewers as much as the ible guides.

- Thanks

Kiteman ASCAS4 years ago
I doubt they would be able to organise that as official position, but there's nothing stopping you sending suggestions for improvements via the feedback section.

To be fair, Instructables is certainly not the same as it was in those days*, and I am not at all the same person I was back then. :)

*Or perhaps as it was portrayed, I suppose.
It would be unnatural for the site to remain unchanging for so long, but I do believe that the heart & soul of the site are still there, behind the updates.
I'm afraid if there were one internship left and both of you were standing there for the interview, I'd have to give it to....
There is also this:


way better being called an AIRhead than intern.

I could write a letter of recommendation...wait, that won't do any good...
i live in the UK .... Any opportunity's available here ?
you probly can....monkeyman
You can travel there - at least 2 past Artists in Residence have been British*, and I can't see an obvious reason why a Brit couldn't be an intern.

I highly recommend giving it a go.

*One of them was me.
Other than, perhaps, labor laws. :P
Labour laws don't apply to AiRs, since they are not actually employed by the site.

Internships and "proper" are different, but, since hundreds of British students spend their Summers working in US summercamps, or spending a gap year working there, I'd assume the problems are routinely surmountable.
Oh, I know it's doable - just pointing out that, if you actually want to be an intern as a foreign national, there are hoops to jump through. :)
(Which are easier to jump through if you take *all* your bank details with you...)
Oooo, I imagine...did someone forget to do that? :D
and if they still had a grudge concerning that little tiff with King George III.
lindarose923 years ago
I am interested in applying for an internship but I can't understand what "robot-related" subject means...can anybody please explain it to me?
Mention the Instructables logo/mascot, Robot, in the subject line of your email.
oh I see now, I suspected it had something to do with it but I wasn't sure, thank you!! :)
You're welcome!
Ehm...it's me again (sorry) :D I love to create and I am in love with Instructables! For this reason I really wanted to apply for an internship but I also ended up reading the Artist in Residence Program that sounds so interesting and similar too. I was wondering, what's the main difference between them?
The artist in residence is a 1-3 month residency where you work on making Instructables. You would use our space and tools, but would have a large amount of autonomy. This program involves a fixed one-time living stipend. The internship program is roughly about 1/2 project time and 1/2 site-related work. This would involve being part of the day-to-day operation of the website. This gets paid hourly.
Thank you very much for the explanation. I have to make up my mind now! :)
sciman13 years ago
any chance you'd have space for an intern from mid may till early august?
Any age limit on the internships???
SCIENCEPAL4 years ago
Is there any internship available 4 2013 summer?
Daniel Zf4 years ago
And im in mexico XD
Still ill try to post all the stuff i can, researching in mexican candy :)
Also will make a post on the dia de muertos and noche mexicana how to, just hope to ge the time.
Thanks instructables for this oportunity to share my small knowledge, this is helping me as a small therapy to overcome my depression.
I don't suppose you have any openings in Australia?
8bit8 years ago
The sales manager should post a "how to be a sales manager" 'ible.
You can get started by practicing. Get a shovel, follow around a horse then sell what you can scoop up as organic fertilizer. Its all downhill from there....A salesman sells the fertilizer, the sales manager convinces the salesman its the best in the world....
And in the meen time the customers get ripped off for manure.
By that rationale anybody who buys a cup of coffee at Starbucks is being ripped off. So, for that matter, is anyone who buy an article of clothing, an oil change or a pedicure. Neither selling things for money nor making a profit are intrinsically disordered activities. Not all salesman are good salesman but the opportunity to work with a well managed, professional sales organization can vastly improve the quality of the workplace experience.
Depending upon what service / item is being sold and the price it's being sold at depends upon whether or not the buyer gets ripped off.

And of course neither are disordered activities, it takes management and advertising, the business space needs to be bought, and just selling your service.

organization is not always required in all areas, such as where you place your massage table doesn't have to be placed exactly, but the cans of fruit need to be ordered.

And organization is not the only skill necessary for a business, it needs management to see over all, advertisement, and when starting off a major important thing is to get to be friends with the surrounding / similar businesses. e.g. for Instructables, maybe when they started they looked at other DIY forums for tips, and maybe get to know the makers.
Works with worm poo also.
 That might be alittle more time-consuming :)
Especially finding those little shovels. : )
What is the hiring age for jobs?
where is the contact email...?
(Scroll all the way down the page.)
ASCAS Kiteman4 years ago
Your not getting in ;)
ohhhhhh my troll face image didn't work
That's a little challenge, all applicants need to be smart enough to find the contact-email...

thanks for the implication that I am stupid... the only email address I see available is a generic information contact
iwannawork at instructables dot com

I assume this is the contact info. Is it not?

(translation!) Hope that helps.
You may take this implication instead:
The topic could have been better written to include something like "If you would like more information e-mail us at-"
(it's British-sarcasm or something)

Can I sleep on the couch?
Jayefuu Kiteman4 years ago
'fraid not!
MKosterich4 years ago
Just in case you were concerned, I'm your next intern. Please prepare for me to bake your socks off!
pyromonkey4 years ago
I wish I lived in San Francisco! Got anything in the San Diego area?
nitrojohn5 years ago
Is there a phone number for INSTRUCTABLES.COM let me know people
dompower7 years ago
Hi Guys
check my work at www.deevista.com/anim  for3D graphics & animations.

Dominic Ancelm
Saudi Arabia
Tobita dompower5 years ago
Are you familiar with the drag racing that takes place on the service road near the private terminals of King Khaled airport? 1 am to af-fajr prayer Wednesday's and Thursday's (Thurs. and Fri. technically.) Great place to meet gear heads, assuming you catch the ones with a passion and not those with just a fat wallet.
wuz up
rock80345 years ago
i am a student, i been studying graphic design for three years and i would love to be in sales or an intern.
Labot20016 years ago
Does ibles have bases in Chicago and NY now...?
I hope so, cause i would love an internship there... but... im in NYC
Well, dammat. I guess I am out of the running then... I can't relocate to the Bay area, thought most of my extended family is there... But if something REMOTE comes up, Im'a challenge all y'all to MORTAL COMBAT! It will be mine. Oh yes. It WILL be mine.
Chirpoff5 years ago
I'm in a state close by... not exactly driving distance! :) But this would be a very cool job, I love making, doing, editing and photoshopping, and designing anything myself! Who knows, perhaps someday I might look into this further. Working with you guys as an employee would be really awesome!
how about the job for an "IDEA MAN"..................i'll do it for free ???
think bout it and for more details just mail me at

The proper name for that position is "member" - if you've got great ideas, just start a forum topic, PM the staff, or do it yourself.
sure man thnx..........
thakur9005 years ago
ok so if someone has a business proposal for instructables, where do they contact?

PM me if anyone knows the details...
Did you look at the list of staff to find the right POC?
fishcake275 years ago
i wish i had a job here...
jeff-o5 years ago
I don't suppose a telepresence robot would be good enough, eh? Ontario to SF is one heck of a commute...
does anyone know if instructables is still looking for interns?
good one it is
bien jejejeje esta bno auke no lo puedo descargar
Batman4t5 years ago
The Java Web Developer looks like a very enjoyable job except I am short on the experience bullet point by one by year. I am assuming this would disqualify for that position, even if I meet all of the other requirements. I was wondering if I could get some confirmation on this fact. The reason I ask is because I don't want to waste my time writing a pointless cover letter and waste your time reading about another candidate who isn't qualified.
Shortcomings in one requirement can be compensated for by superiority in another.

If you genuinely want the job, apply for it.

xrissy6 years ago
I love the Editor position. Unfortunately, I live in the UK :O( Boo hiss. Can I do it from here? What a cool job.

If you want to start a UK branch, let me know. Due to time constraints, I've only made 2 instructables, but both were featured, and one was put in one of your ebooks .... huh, huh?

Cheers -
gmjhowe xrissy6 years ago
We already have a UK branch, it is somewhat run from my front room though...

We are going to be at the makers faire this year! In full force.
The one in Queens? ;-)
Who you calling a... oh....

No, the UK Faire, in Newcastle. There's a forum topic about it somewhere...
I figured as much.... ;-)
Kiteman xrissy6 years ago
Hey, I'm ahead of you in the queue - I wrote part of the printed book.

Oh man, what i wouldn't do... I forget living in Canada, I would need a visa and other pesky documents to relocate. Oddly enough on the radio erliar before they were playing that song, "if your going to San Francisco, where a flower in you hair..." How about a Northern Canadian Office?
YES! that would be great! say... edmonton?
Maybe... I'm a west coaster though - I had dibs lol, I was thinking an online collaboration, as I'm sure there would be east coasters as well wanting in. It would keep things simple. instructables.ca anyone?
instructables.ca does not seem to be an available domain, maybe they bought it :D
Interesting, maybe. Aside from asking I wonder if there is a way of determining ownership of such a thing
I have no idea if this matters, but, if you go to instructables[dot]ca , at the bottom of the page is "contact us" maybe an army of Instructables users e-mailing them will persuade them to hand over the domain :P
maybe, but... lets make sure first that its not all ready owned by instructables.com, not wanting to re-invent instructables. More like just a Canadian chapter to make things slighlty easier for Canadians. Instructables may be based in San Francisco, but they are international in there intentions and actions. I love this site and the work they do here!
measure twice cut once and all that
WHOIS = is how you find out, I ran one from my box and it seems like .com has lots of info Technical Contact:
Wilheim, Eric info@instructables.com
82 2nd St.
San Francisco, California 94105
United States
while the .ca is lacking... and isn't registered through godaddy like .com is
Name: (10dollar.ca) 10 Dollar Domain Names Inc.
Number: 1064689
I agree... Maybe something that someone with their own home office already can do??? *Pointing to myself

i can deal with west coast.
i just find it a little annoying when everything is on the east coast (its a long and or expensive trip!).

yay, instructables.ca!
yes, I think this might need to be pursued a little on the serious side
WOOT! I second that!
uh oh, I smell the Canadian edition forming, come on we've got ... poutine? yeah!
zieak6 years ago

[Dreams of a career change.]
ewilhelm (author)  zieak6 years ago
I know you love AK, but consider SF!
I live in OH (DYT) and only need this one excuse to relocate to SF! I sent you a resume (attn: hiringbot)! I'll fly out there for an interview!
amnard6 years ago
kkelley46 years ago
Regards! Go global and translate your site in German. I am interested in your Online Editor position. Please advise at your earliest convenience and thank you for your time.
tsuss! klk
danbar6 years ago
hi! im from mexico and i can work with you guys translating the site if you are interested contact me!
dari_d6 years ago
Great thing I live in the Bay Area. I submitted my application. Can't wait to hear back from you guys.
mobby6666 years ago
The biggest sale that I ever organised was worth 6 million pounds (the pound was worth a little more back then). Tragically I live in the UK, so the commute would be rather tedious.

However if you need a token physically challenged individual I would score quite highly in that respect, however, you should take into account that a staff member on morphine can be somewhat limited on occasions…lmao

My next project is to design and build a TMS device (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) as this has shown some remarkable effects on chronic pain. I would value constructive comments, ideas, help from any of you who might be interested.

could you hire me to add extreem to instructables by using google wave?

I would be happy to build extentions and robots.
people could add instructables and look through the site without needing to change page.

i am offering you free setup from me and free extentions and robots AND MORE TRAFFIC ON THIS SITE... that is neede to make money to keep the whole site up and running.

the shop can be on instructables and people can sell there projects if they dont need or want them or just made extras.

i want to allow letter by lettter communication and make it easer to edit and do what ever they need to do with instructables/waves.

if i get hired there will need to be a sub-domain https://wave.instructables.com/ for me to install openfire and then add google wave with a robot that will convurt the instructables into waves.

what happens with the pros?
pros will have no adds annoying them,
they loose the advantage of being the only one with all-steps: every one gets it.
they can talk i the pro fourms/waves by using a group known as pro@instructables.com

just rember the hard work is done the wavers make the platform (using java, javascript, and xml) ok so i still have a hard task to do that is creat a fully javascript wave baced single html page.

just an unfinished sample of my idea for the embing waves goto http://jamesm.com.au/blog/ this is going to be a pay-for deal but for my fav site its free.(that this site...)

so please i have been making websites from the age of 7 and i have a realy good knollage of what is possable in the web browser.

no capitalization and bad speeling is a grate way to git highered
 i kno, it is reely effectuv
i wud definatly hier this person they seam lyk a gr8 candidut
 nouw weer gouing into l33tspeek?

i wud liek. 2 applie 4 teh 1337 h4xx0rz posishun pl0xzz
I said that to be confusing, to show that clarity is crucial! ;)
I probably can't top that. You definitley made your point clear! =P
Sometimes not clear enough. =P
Biotele6 years ago
Do I have to be physically present to work. Can i edit across the internet? I will be cheap :)

Being able to read and understand instructions may be considered a primary function of the job, in which case you've just disqualified yourself.

If you want to work remotely

Click here for more information about helping out around the Instructables website.

Can I swear at you?
You can, but there's a little matter of the site's Be Nice policy. More reading....
At least he doesn't actually have to be physically present to swear at you, though...
Spint Kiteman6 years ago
I lol'ed.
xavier1436 years ago
need a weapons creater?

I can make a sunbeam rifle. you contain sunbeam in a round bowl(construct it) of some kind. the cover should be from the grey material that doesn't contain or let heat through. In the cover you put cells that holds sunlight. put a cap (two, one across the other) to make an opening. open the cap and let the beam go through magnifying glasses and it will shoot like a solar rifle. you can kill an human being miles away. the sunbeam won't disperse because those light molecules will be denser than tne sun's. I even have theorie of making a bomb out of sunlight, a bomb that evaporates human's. but I don't have the money, it's cheap though. sorry from gramatical error's because my main language is dutch.
chinnybeer6 years ago
Shame I live in the UK and only do EMS calibration and software development in EMS for well known automotive manufacturer. Limited experience in websites (other than browsing) only recently having created my own site, of which I'm very pleased for a first attempt, have a look :) http://chinnybeer.co.uk
My name is Lauren Collier. I just sent you an email and applied! Hope to hear back from you soon!
theburn77 years ago
What if I want to be an intern? Write good? Read your own writing "


Instructables is seeking interns of all shapes and sizes! We're looking for people who take good pictures, write well, and want to share their knowledge and help us manage the community. An active Instructables account with great projets is the best way to show off your skills." Projects is spelled wrong, you spelled projets.
dear friend,

I am a writer and author of number of books in English and regional language and also extensively toured India with lot of good pictures and help you on virtual India tour. My Book -Opportunities Unlimited is about Case studies of 50 people who come from poor to middle class people and how they have come up in life by sheer hard work.

I can help you with pictures which I have taken myself. Pl let meknow your interest.

T.M.M .6 years ago
I will help! I am great at advertising and love the internet. I am, sadly, only 14, but I am great at this stuff!
ReCreate7 years ago
The "If you want to work remotely" part basically means "No." :P
It means at your house.
I was very interested but I live just across the ocean. Would be good to work in "Instructables"..." Do It Yourself community on the Internet"... Who would not wan...Snif...Snif...
makattak6 years ago
I live in New Zealand....  you got anything..... my dad might be interested
karip126 years ago
rob mainer=8bit?
imakethings6 years ago
wats the payscale??!! i am interested!
WardXmodem7 years ago
A friend is an excellent cartoonist - has a real "style" i.e. can put a few strokes around various places on the paper and next thing you know there's an image he must have composed in his mind..  

Not the best at a 9-5 kind of job, but for ex sits in a restaurant making half a dozen napkin pictures everyone smiles at.

If a web site needed a pix of the week, or etc, he'd be a great guy.

Pen name is Dav and I would just "Think" there are people who would like custom cartoons now and then
 Folks eat this stuff up at tourist spots, if the cartoon is of them and the surrounding attraction combined.  I know several artists who make a living @ it!
Derin7 years ago
Is it OK if people come along to visit and have a look around the HQ without getting a job? Note:This won't happen to me in the distant future,maybe in a few years or so.
People have come to visit. It doesn't happen too often and our office isn't too exciting to visit now, but in a couple months it should be more fun.
I would love to visit the office next time we are out that way. I hope to move out there eventually after the kids are older. We visited there for the first time two years ago and I fell in love with San Fran. We are in Asheville, N.C. I told my hubbie that I am now going to be bicoastal or bi polar. He can pick. If you are ever out East you should visit . Voted the hippiest place in the Country as well as the happiest. There's a lot of financial growth opportunity here also. In some parts of Western N.C. the housing market is still gaining.  You should try to make it for Bele Chere at the end of July. It's a huge street festival.
How can i visit the HQ?
 Just call or email. Companies like this prefer a verbal permission along with written permission. This is how I met Erik Beck of Indy Mogul.

Here it is
Kiteman Derin7 years ago
It has happened - search the forums.
sebasto-oo6 years ago
Hi Guys and Girls,

would you by any chance be interested into an EN-FR translator ? I'm pretty conscious it's a modest occupation, just as well as France is a modest country — ;-))) — but i'm really good at it, modestly speaking of course !

Best regards, and congrutalations for your work

acidbass6 years ago
i would but i live in the midwest and i dont have a car to get me to san fran or enough income to get a plane
near KC perhaps?
 no.......... the hell hole that i hate texas no offense to the texans but to hot and cant wait to move out of my parents house.
volksyeger6 years ago
why are all the jobs out west? why not open a place on the east coast not only to turn mabe a bit more of a profit get more people aware of these things, and also to help stimulate the econamy mabe and even if all else fails at least boost morale.
gohan7866 years ago
Hey i am a computer engg with great knowledge abt computer if you have any work for me which i can do online tell me.
yinlz20027 years ago
I am interested in the San Francisco Jobs Now program, and like to work at Instructables.
cahethel7 years ago
it's a shame how people mistake designers for programmers
neivadan7 years ago
try a differnt soultion like make a little more complicated
LuisFR7 years ago
How can I apply for the remote Graphic design job?
vainmender7 years ago
 I would offer my services to you guys for the Freelance role because I'm accredited in Adobe Creative Suite but I'm not in college yet. So I have no degree.
djr67897 years ago
dude i can do most of the things on the list and im only 15 XD
puffyfluff8 years ago
If I don't work here sometime in my life I will die.
i second that notion
thirded XD
alfpwns Kaiven8 years ago
umm sixthed?
7venth-ed... or something
8 ed
9Eded :D
Tenthed. Yes, it's a word.

or at least it is now...
twelventhed... lol
thirteentheded. Is that unlucky?
Fifteenth'd. Because the same person saying two numbers is idiotic.

19thd. Yes im soooo cool i get to skip numbers.

u tell me
Kaiven alfpwns8 years ago
LOL 26 seconds ago!
alfpwns Kaiven8 years ago
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ull die anyway.
That's true...
sadly :(
Sean_Voodoo7 years ago
this i can do i think this stuff is easy
neivadan7 years ago
wow nice but do tend to know as few stagites on how to make ur site better and a way lot faster even thought i am a kid as a studio owner say if ur site needs help com and ask me though if u ever can get pass area 59 ..]
es_wilhelm7 years ago
I was always curious as to see who the other Eric Wilhelm I kept competing with on all the email accounts, social networking, etc especially when I lived in the SF bay area. Rather impressive sir, congratulations. If you ever have need of a vastly experienced QA lead, feel free to contact me, Austin has lost it's charm and the bay area is missed. My name is easy to remember. ;-)
No!  Really?


What's your avatar going to look like?
mowerracer7 years ago
Does Instructables have any need for another graphic designer? I've got 7 years of experience and yes- I actually work on stuff too. If so, I will forward my info.
ewilhelm (author)  mowerracer7 years ago
We have a new opening that you might be interested in.
ewilhelm (author)  mowerracer7 years ago
Not full-time; maybe part time, though!
Sean_Voodoo7 years ago
i would love to do any of that but please pm me if needed and do you get paid
KnexFreek7 years ago
I would love to be an admin. Telling people great job and stuff.Alsohelping out on the forums to answer questions. I would do it forfree! <br /><br /><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/ewilhelm/" style="margin: 0.0px;" title="view ewilhelm's profile">ewilhelm</a> Rocks! Great job on this wonderful site!<br />-Kevin<br />
Oops my spacebar is sticking my bad.
KnexFreek7 years ago
I would love to be an admin. Telling people great job and stuff. Alsohelping out on the forums to answer questions. I would do it for free! <br /><br /><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/ewilhelm/" style="margin: 0.0px;" title="view ewilhelm's profile">ewilhelm</a> Rocks! Great job on this wonderful site!<br />-Kevin
imrobot7 years ago
I would love a unpaid internship at squid labs. i would love experience in prototyping and any engineering. imrobot
grundisimo7 years ago
are those positions still available?
Hey Eric, anything open near Detroit now?
aceLED7 years ago
yea im to young to get a job there but i think i cant still help with the whole looking for sponsrs thing my dad owns a paint and flooring company "Ervin's Flooring and Paint" im positive hed sponsor any home renovation or painting involved contests if u want let me know and i could almost garantee hed do it
Haha, I love how the only people that comment here are us "youngins". :p The people who qualify probably went straight to email. Anyway.. I would love to intern as well. Are you only looking for people in San Francisco? I am 17 years old (graduating high school senior) and live in San Diego. For an internship, I'm sure my mom would be willing to let me go over there for two weeks (or however long it is). Though, by the time I'm out of school I'll be 18 anyway. I can't say I'm a great photographer but I am a fairly good writer. I only know pretty basic HTML (which basically means I can do cool things on Myspace without having to look it up). I also know my way around Autodesk Inventor (so if you need any CAD stuff, I'm there.) I have no previous paid work experience but I have plenty of volunteer hours under my belt (and unlike most kids at my school who just do it to fill the grad requirements, I really enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling I get). And I guess most importantly, I -love- tools and everything DIY. (But I live in a small apartment and can't do very much around here. But I have experience with tools from my middle school woodshop/metalshop classes and my high school engineering class.) Oh wow, I didn't expect this comment to get so long. I'd email but I'm not sure if I meet the requirements/if I have to be from SF to apply.
You might consider picking up a copy of the Writers Market 2009. If you can write well and are motivated to do it there is nice money to be made doing freelance stuff.

Here's an Amazon link to some useful guides.
Interesting. I'll check it out.
Ack. About the Autodesk thing, though: I only know what I've learned in my Engineering class so there are still plenty of tools I haven't used. But as with anything else, I am willing to learn and I usually learn quickly. (So I'm completely willing to learn more HTML and stuff like that.)
Heywasup8 years ago
Ewilhelm i live in Glendale,CA in Los Angeles county. Is that close. I dont know to use java or anything else but im extremely smart and can learn quickly. I might be 10 years old but dont be fooled by my age. Can i get a part time job only during summer or am i too young and the job is only full time. I dont have to be paid but id prefer $5 a month. plse reply! THANKS. P.S. I can turn projects into instructables if the techy thing doesnt work.
I don't work at Instructables but I'm impressed with your initiative and instructables. So I'll tell you what I'll do, if you write a good instructable with good grammar and spelling that shows how to make money washing cars or mowing grass or doing chores for people in your neighborhood AND raise enough money to buy a Pro account I will give you back the money for it (over PayPal so your folks will need to set up an account). Plus if your hustling to make some money you will find your parents more than willing to help. But do yourself a favor - earn the money and learn something important.
Will you actually do that? I'm down for that.
Absolutely, have your folks contact me by private message here so I know you have their permission. It has to be a well written instructable with pictures and without spelling mistakes.
sorry, but, YOU PHAIL, jking but i dont know about the child labor laws in cali, but like every1 else says, you cant work at instructables (wait about 3 more years, and you might be able to work)
ok so he has to be 13? I'm 13... so does that mean I can work?
no, hes 11 now, he has to be 14 to work,i think, he may have to be 15 to work idk (Im 13 and i cant work)
i was talking in the present, not 1 year ago lol
your too young for instructables, which is probably why he hasnt responded to you.
Berkin dombeef8 years ago
Kiteman Berkin8 years ago
Or, more likely, because you didn't have the nounce to follow the links...
Berkin Kiteman8 years ago
Why is your avatar all weird...?
dombeef Berkin8 years ago
Any openings for avid K'nexers?
I wish. But I don't think it will happen
Heavens no, I was just joking around.
I'm not. lol I would love to at least be on the feature team.
True that. It could be like the K'nex featuring person.
The FT don't split up projects by subject to feature (there is no "recipe featuring person", for instance).

All the team are responsible for featuring all worthy projects, by as close to the same criteria a bunch of intercontinental volunteers can manage.

K'NEX projects are subject to the same criteria as all the others (some have been featured - ask DJ).
Yup, I was just joking around. I've never had an instructable featured though... It was a little odd for a run of the mill project like DJ's gun to get featured.
Yeah, his instructions aren't nearly as good as yours.
"K'NEX projects are subject to the same criteria as all the others" I think that is great.
I wouldn't I don't think every little thing that is slightly cool should be featured. If I got on I would feature just like every one else.
I would be the first to sign up if there was.
What makes you so sure of that.
DJ Radio7 years ago
damnit. Published: July 7, 2006.
DJ Radio7 years ago
I wish I could help you guys, but Im only 13 =(