Positions available at Instructables (updated 9/9/14)

Frontend Engineer

Come join the Instructables engineering team @ Pier 9. Here's what you'll need to have to apply.
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, Python, HTML, and CSS
  • Worked with Backbone.js or similar web application frameworks
  • Extensive experience with RESTful API's
  • Self-motivated but likes to play with other team-members
  • Willingness and ability to quickly learn new languages and tools
  • Loves to transfer beautiful pixels into a fantastic UI
  • Fun to work with!

We offer some great perks and one of the coolest offices in SF. Employees have training and access to one of the most advanced workshops in the world. We have a very flexible and dynamic work environment with the stability and supercharged benefits of our parent company, Autodesk. Our work is exciting and rewarding because our users tend to love the things we work on.

Send resume, cover letter and work examples to auctoramentum at instructables dot com. Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty.

Community Manager

We're looking for a friendly community manager to help keep the site a fun and safe place for everyone to share their creations. This is a full time position based in San Francisco. 

Responsibilities will almost certainly include:

Working with community members to help them share their projects
Embodying the “be nice” policy within the community
Curating content and identifying exemplary projects as authors share
Destroying spam with extreme prejudice
Coming up with interesting contests and prizes for the community
Knowing the ins and outs of the Instructables project editor
--when applying please send links to your published Instructables (or other writing/project samples)

Candidates should:

Be passionate about our communities and tools -- we typically prefer to hire from within our existing communities
Be detail-oriented and extremely organized
Have strong communication and writing skills
Have a thick skin and always be nice
Be analytical and able to demonstrate success quantitatively
Be adaptable and flexible to navigate an environment that is constantly evolving

Please send a resume, cover letter and any other useful information to auctoramentum at instructables dot com. Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty. And make it clear that you're applying for the CM position.

Spanish and Chinese Community Managers

We’re in need of two fantastic community managers, one for our growing Spanish language side of Instructables and the other for the nascent Chinese side of the site. You’ll be on the ground floor as we grow these communities nearly from scratch, and your grassroots organization skills will be crucial. Also, you should have an interest in making things and helping people share what they make.  

Responsibilities will include:
  • Creating and running interesting and engaging contests and online events to grow the community
  • Translating instructables from the English to the target language 
  • Commenting on published projects, participating in forums, fielding questions, featuring projects, reaching out to authors
  • Working closely with the anglophone community management team to share contacts, participate in meetings, etc.

You should possess the following traits in addition to the ones listed for the anglophone Community Manager:
  • Ability to read and write in the target language at a very high level, such that you can translate anything from recipes to ‘build your own 3D printer’
  • Knowledge of grammar and orthography need be well-developed, either through native acquisition or study
    • Native fluency is not a prerequisite, but you must be able to communicate clearly and confidently in the target language with minimal errors while staying faithful to the translated item
  • Some cultural knowledge/familiarity with the community of the target language to guide your translations (i.e regional/international differences in the language, systems of weight and measure, etc.)

Please send a resume, cover letter and any other useful information to auctoramentum at instructables dot com. Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty. And make it clear that you're applying for the language-focused CM position.

Generalist Designer / Technologist

Instructables is seeking to hire in-house makers with a strong sense of aesthetics and a wide skill set. This is a full-time position located in our state-of-the-art workshop at Pier 9. The person in this position will not only be expected to be able to create an eclectic mix of things with competency, but be able to effectively communicate this to others.

The ideal candidate is the sort of person who is not daunted by being asked to tackle something new. They can work largely independently and solve problems elegantly. However, they will also understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and know when to ask for assistance.

In a typical week you may be asked to build a 3D printed robot, interface with a Kinect, program a Raspberry Pi, and use a water jet. A strong understanding of electronics and programming is required. Machine shop (wood, metal, CNC) experience is preferable, but not necessary.

If this sounds like you, please send a resume, cover letter and portfolio to auctoramentum at instructables dot com. Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty.

Pier 9 Workshop Tour Guide

Autodesk's Pier 9 houses a state-of-the-art fabrication workshop and we need your help to show it off! The P9 Workshop is a popular place to visit for Autodesk employees, clients and industry partners.  We are quickly outgrowing our ability to accommodate the number of tour requests with our internal resources and current tour procedure. We are looking for a tour guide to help.

Guide must be well-spoken, enthusiastic, comfortable interacting with a broad spectrum of guests and customers, from CEO’s to employee family members.  Applicants should have an interest in workshops, creative making, CNC fabrication and 3D Printing. Your enthusiasm for our tools and the unique community is part of what makes you the ultimate tour guide for Pier 9.

The tour guide will run between 4 and 7, one-hour-long tours per week at varying times of the day, Monday-Friday. Additional hours can be earned by preparing for tours and handling some of the tour coordination process if interested. 

As an additional bonus, the Tour Guide position comes with workshop access, so when you're not giving people tours of the space, you could also be working on your own awesome projects at the Pier 9 workshop.  The full suite of Autodesk software, the unique tooling at Pier 9 and specialized teams who can help you with your projects will be at your disposal.

Requests come in on short notice and sometimes far in advance so flexibility in schedule is a MUST!

  • Are great with people and enjoy playing amazing Willy Wonka tour guide for anyone from friends and family of Autodesk employees to Autodesk clients and vendors and everyone in between (bonus for occasional singing and fake tumbling.)
  • Are enthusiastic about the future of digital fabrication through 3D modeling and CNC machining
  • Have a somewhat flexible schedule Monday through Friday to help us accommodate last minute tour requests.

This is a part time paid position, but there is no limit to how much time you can work in the shop if you love our space as much as we do!

To apply, send a resume and a well written cover letter explaining why you are great for this roll to auctoramentum at instructables dot com.  Be sure to include the words "Pier 9 Tour Guide" in your witty subject or else your email won't get the attention that it deserves.



If you’ve ever wanted to see what happens behind the scenes here at HQ, here’s your chance! We want passionate people who can use our amazing workspace to help them realize their maker dreams, and help us manage the best community on the Internet. These paid positions are located at the Pier 9 workshop in San Francisco.

The strongest applicants will have an Instructables account with a history of well documented projects which show off your amazing skills. Send an email to auctoramentum at instructables dot com with a fun, robot-related subject line. What are you waiting for? Blow us away with your creative portfolio and tell us what projects you want to make when you’re here!

About Instructables

Instructables is the most popular Do It Yourself community on the Internet. Started in August 2005, Instructables provides accessible tools and publishing instructions to enable passionate, creative people to share their most innovative projects, recipes, ideas, and hacks. The site is currently home to over 100,000 projects covering such diverse areas as crafts, art, kids, electronics, pets, bikes, cars, robotics, green projects, and cooking.  In 2011, we were acquired by Autodesk.  Our benefits are now super-charged!  

We're located at Pier 9 in San Francisco in the world's most advanced workshop directly on the bay with gorgeous natural light and unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge. In our shop, we have CNC everything, a 5-axis waterjet, an 11-axis mill, the largest collection of high-end 3D printers, a woodshop, a metal shop, an enormous test kitchen, industrial sewing machines, and a fully stocked electronics lab. See this Machine Catalog Instructable for a peek. 

If you want to work remotely
Click here for more information about helping out around the Instructables website.

This is the most recent and up to date job listing for Instructables despite the posting date.

Picture of Positions available at Instructables (updated 9/9/14)
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imthedragon9 months ago
If i apply would i have to come to Pier 9 ??

If you want more details, I would contact the email addresses given in the text.
Ok sure....
imthedragon9 months ago
This opening is for which post ????

I m a PHP developer (INDIA)
suckers10 months ago
How much do u make or is it a free job?
Kiteman suckers10 months ago
It's paid, but you'd have to email HQ to find out exactly how much.
irfankhan55110 months ago
whats piear 9 mean?
Pier 9 is the location in San Francisco where the Instructables staff are based.

(PS, if you hit the Reply button, it makes it easier to keep track of conversations.)
irfankhan55110 months ago
sir !
can we do work online from home country?
such as pakistan,India etc
Interns are based in Pier 9.
irfankhan55110 months ago
(removed by author or community request)
As long as you can get the appropriate visas, I don't see why not.

Why not apply? The worst you will get is a polite refusal.

irfankhan55110 months ago
hi !
south asian peoples can apply as interns of all shapes and size.
Kiteman10 months ago
Dopy question, but, now that this topic has popped up again, are these vacancies still current?

Apart from interns, is there a specific deadline?
wilgubeast Kiteman10 months ago
Still current. There is no specific deadline, but we're looking to fill the positions as soon as we can.
Kiteman wilgubeast10 months ago
OK, thanks.

It was just that the very old posting date might cause confusion...
creasty Kiteman10 months ago we are not able to post any comment on this link,please check it,and replay, we ae not able tp commenting on any instructable...there's one message get display like "please enter numer shown in image" but any number or name is not visible,please fix this error as soon as possible,we are not able to do communication for our project
Kiteman creasty10 months ago
That's a known bug, which is already being worked on. Watch for an announcement in the forums about when it has being fixed.
dnguyen3610 months ago
I am studying in Hult International business school, SF.
I am looking forward an intern of instructables.
Is there any intern position for next summer?
Kante Tech10 months ago
An internships as of now. I am a college freshman that has a lot to offer.
Kiteman Kante Tech10 months ago
"To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and any other useful information such as a portfolio to iwannawork at instructables dot com. Make the subject line of your email to us robot-related, and, if possible, witty."
martzsam1 year ago
Is it possible to apply for an internship as a student exiting high school and entering college? I start college in the fall and am currently looking for various internship opportunities.
If you read the full post;

"For summer 2013, we only have internship positions open for software engineering.  You must currently be in an undergraduate or graduate program to qualify."
I did see that. I was more interested by the opportunities beyond 2013.

"Instructables is seeking interns of all shapes and sizes! We're looking for people who take good pictures, write well, and want to share their knowledge and help us manage the community."
I would totally do this Summer 2013 if I happened to live near Alemeda or Instructables HQ... of course, ya know, labor laws do interfere sometimes. And the fact that I live 800 miles away so commute would be a pain to say the least....

Any available internships for winter 2012?
ewilhelm (author)  GorillazMiko1 year ago
i know the reply is going to be no, but can 9 year olds do it ;)
Don't doooooooooooooo it...
I remember when you'd be jealous of an intern...
ASCAS Kiteman1 year ago
Hello MR. Kiteman!

Is there an age limit for the job? :D We would like to help out for free, just for instructables to be better place! I've been an instructable fan at the age of 10. Me and my friends have some programming capabilities, well we study in a Academics&Technical School. Building projects and programming is our hobby (HTML, CSS, JAVA, JQuery ,C++, Arduino), hope to spend my free time reaching out for some help :)))))
Kiteman ASCAS1 year ago
You're 13, right?

I don't know Californian employment law, but in the UK you would be old enough for paid work, like a paper round or helping in a shop, as long as it did not interfere with school work, and as long as your school is satisfied that the work is safe.

So, what you need to do is find out what the legal position is in San Francisco (somebody at school should be able to help with that). Regarding safety, there are no tools at HQ more dangerous than those you'll use in "shop" lessons.

Assuming that goes well, you will then need to a proposal together for Ewihelm, the boss. Say what you could help with, what skills you have, maybe even suggest projects you could do independently.

Words of warning, though:

You need to remember that HQ is not a school or youthclub - the staff there are very friendly, some of the coolest people you'll ever meet, but they have their own jobs to do, and will not be able to monitor you and your safety as closely as you may be used to.

Having said that, good luck.
ASCAS Kiteman1 year ago
Actually I'm 14. Thanks for the fast reply though! Oh I forgot to tell you, actually I live in the Philippines, pretty far from the US. I was thinking more of a home job (on the desk), like being the one to manage guide entries (source code improvements), sending some ideas and visual improvements (emailing the HQ codes). It would be fun to work with people in the HQ though.

I just realize that there's a certain section in ibles, I haven't gone into, the forum section! Well I could probably post articles about site improvements :))) I Guess the forum section doesn't get viewers as much as the ible guides.

- Thanks

Kiteman ASCAS1 year ago
I doubt they would be able to organise that as official position, but there's nothing stopping you sending suggestions for improvements via the feedback section.

To be fair, Instructables is certainly not the same as it was in those days*, and I am not at all the same person I was back then. :)

*Or perhaps as it was portrayed, I suppose.
It would be unnatural for the site to remain unchanging for so long, but I do believe that the heart & soul of the site are still there, behind the updates.
I'm afraid if there were one internship left and both of you were standing there for the interview, I'd have to give it to....
There is also this:

way better being called an AIRhead than intern.

I could write a letter of recommendation...wait, that won't do any good...
i live in the UK .... Any opportunity's available here ?
you probly can....monkeyman
You can travel there - at least 2 past Artists in Residence have been British*, and I can't see an obvious reason why a Brit couldn't be an intern.

I highly recommend giving it a go.

*One of them was me.
Other than, perhaps, labor laws. :P
Labour laws don't apply to AiRs, since they are not actually employed by the site.

Internships and "proper" are different, but, since hundreds of British students spend their Summers working in US summercamps, or spending a gap year working there, I'd assume the problems are routinely surmountable.
Oh, I know it's doable - just pointing out that, if you actually want to be an intern as a foreign national, there are hoops to jump through. :)
(Which are easier to jump through if you take *all* your bank details with you...)
Oooo, I imagine...did someone forget to do that? :D
and if they still had a grudge concerning that little tiff with King George III.
I am interested in applying for an internship but I can't understand what "robot-related" subject means...can anybody please explain it to me?
Mention the Instructables logo/mascot, Robot, in the subject line of your email.
oh I see now, I suspected it had something to do with it but I wasn't sure, thank you!! :)
You're welcome!'s me again (sorry) :D I love to create and I am in love with Instructables! For this reason I really wanted to apply for an internship but I also ended up reading the Artist in Residence Program that sounds so interesting and similar too. I was wondering, what's the main difference between them?
The artist in residence is a 1-3 month residency where you work on making Instructables. You would use our space and tools, but would have a large amount of autonomy. This program involves a fixed one-time living stipend. The internship program is roughly about 1/2 project time and 1/2 site-related work. This would involve being part of the day-to-day operation of the website. This gets paid hourly.
Thank you very much for the explanation. I have to make up my mind now! :)
sciman11 year ago
any chance you'd have space for an intern from mid may till early august?
Any age limit on the internships???
SCIENCEPAL1 year ago
Is there any internship available 4 2013 summer?
Daniel Zf1 year ago
And im in mexico XD
Still ill try to post all the stuff i can, researching in mexican candy :)
Also will make a post on the dia de muertos and noche mexicana how to, just hope to ge the time.
Thanks instructables for this oportunity to share my small knowledge, this is helping me as a small therapy to overcome my depression.
I don't suppose you have any openings in Australia?
8bit5 years ago
The sales manager should post a "how to be a sales manager" 'ible.
You can get started by practicing. Get a shovel, follow around a horse then sell what you can scoop up as organic fertilizer. Its all downhill from there....A salesman sells the fertilizer, the sales manager convinces the salesman its the best in the world....
And in the meen time the customers get ripped off for manure.
By that rationale anybody who buys a cup of coffee at Starbucks is being ripped off. So, for that matter, is anyone who buy an article of clothing, an oil change or a pedicure. Neither selling things for money nor making a profit are intrinsically disordered activities. Not all salesman are good salesman but the opportunity to work with a well managed, professional sales organization can vastly improve the quality of the workplace experience.
Depending upon what service / item is being sold and the price it's being sold at depends upon whether or not the buyer gets ripped off.

And of course neither are disordered activities, it takes management and advertising, the business space needs to be bought, and just selling your service.

organization is not always required in all areas, such as where you place your massage table doesn't have to be placed exactly, but the cans of fruit need to be ordered.

And organization is not the only skill necessary for a business, it needs management to see over all, advertisement, and when starting off a major important thing is to get to be friends with the surrounding / similar businesses. e.g. for Instructables, maybe when they started they looked at other DIY forums for tips, and maybe get to know the makers.
Works with worm poo also.
 That might be alittle more time-consuming :)
Especially finding those little shovels. : )
karip12 8bit4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Ghost Comment? 
Nah, just the ignorance of using a keyboard...
What is the hiring age for jobs?
where is the contact email...?
(Scroll all the way down the page.)
ASCAS Kiteman2 years ago
Your not getting in ;)
ohhhhhh my troll face image didn't work
That's a little challenge, all applicants need to be smart enough to find the contact-email...

thanks for the implication that I am stupid... the only email address I see available is a generic information contact
iwannawork at instructables dot com

I assume this is the contact info. Is it not?
(translation!) Hope that helps.
You may take this implication instead:
The topic could have been better written to include something like "If you would like more information e-mail us at-"
(it's British-sarcasm or something)

Can I sleep on the couch?
Jayefuu Kiteman2 years ago
'fraid not!
MKosterich2 years ago
Just in case you were concerned, I'm your next intern. Please prepare for me to bake your socks off!
pyromonkey2 years ago
I wish I lived in San Francisco! Got anything in the San Diego area?
nitrojohn2 years ago
Is there a phone number for INSTRUCTABLES.COM let me know people
dompower4 years ago
Hi Guys
check my work at  for3D graphics & animations.

Dominic Ancelm
Saudi Arabia
Tobita dompower2 years ago
Are you familiar with the drag racing that takes place on the service road near the private terminals of King Khaled airport? 1 am to af-fajr prayer Wednesday's and Thursday's (Thurs. and Fri. technically.) Great place to meet gear heads, assuming you catch the ones with a passion and not those with just a fat wallet.
wuz up
rock80342 years ago
i am a student, i been studying graphic design for three years and i would love to be in sales or an intern.
Labot20013 years ago
Does ibles have bases in Chicago and NY now...?
I hope so, cause i would love an internship there... but... im in NYC
Well, dammat. I guess I am out of the running then... I can't relocate to the Bay area, thought most of my extended family is there... But if something REMOTE comes up, Im'a challenge all y'all to MORTAL COMBAT! It will be mine. Oh yes. It WILL be mine.
Chirpoff3 years ago
I'm in a state close by... not exactly driving distance! :) But this would be a very cool job, I love making, doing, editing and photoshopping, and designing anything myself! Who knows, perhaps someday I might look into this further. Working with you guys as an employee would be really awesome!
how about the job for an "IDEA MAN"..................i'll do it for free ???
think bout it and for more details just mail me at
The proper name for that position is "member" - if you've got great ideas, just start a forum topic, PM the staff, or do it yourself.
sure man thnx..........
thakur9003 years ago
ok so if someone has a business proposal for instructables, where do they contact?

PM me if anyone knows the details...
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