Positions available at Instructables (updated May 12, 2016)

Community Manager

Instructables is looking for an awesome person to join our team of Community Managers!

Our ideal candidate feels at home with our community, has a strong customer service-oriented mindset, exceptional communication skills, and the ability to work efficiently and independently.  This position is currently a contract position, and thanks to the Internet, you can live just about anywhere in the world.

Responsibilities include:
  • Curating incoming content
  • Moderating and assisting in the administration of contests
  • Engaging with authors and users of the site
  • Helping authors improve the quality of their content
  • Helping resolve minor site-related issues for users
  • Setting expectations and tone for the community through your own high-quality content and positive interactions with other members

Candidates should be passionate about the Instructables community, so be sure to mention your username when you apply.

This is a constantly evolving environment that is fun, and exciting. This position also requires a high level of adaptability, flexibility, and an embodiment of the site’s “be nice” policy at all times. Do you think you’d be a good fit with our team? We’d love to chat with you!

Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other useful information to auctoramentum at instructables dot com. Make the subject of your email is robot-related, and if possible, witty.


We don't have internships available now, but we love meeting people who love making. Be bold! Propose a project, and we'll get back to you.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what happens behind the scenes here at HQ, here’s your chance! We want passionate people who can use our amazing workspace to help them realize their maker dreams, and help us manage the best community on the Internet. These paid positions are located at the Pier 9 workshop in San Francisco.

The strongest applicants will have an Instructables account with a history of well documented projects which show off your amazing skills. Send an email to auctoramentum at instructables dot com with a fun, robot-related subject line. What are you waiting for? Blow us away with your creative portfolio and tell us what projects you want to make when you’re here!

Artists in Residence

The Pier 9 Artists in Residence (AIR) program gives artists, makers, and fabricators a chance to work with us in our digital fabrication workshops at Autodesk. Our artists explore, create, and document cutting-edge projects, and share them with the DIY community. See the Autodesk AIR website for more information and instructions to apply.

Volunteer Intern/Apprentices - orphans preferred

The illustrious Tim Anderson, one of Instructables most prolific authors, is also seeking interns, orphans preferred. See his posting here.

About Instructables

Instructables is the most popular Do It Yourself community on the Internet. With currently over 29 million monthly active users, you will join a team that is having a meaningful impact on the world. Started in August 2005, Instructables provides accessible tools and publishing instructions to enable passionate, creative people to share their most innovative projects, recipes, ideas, and hacks. The site is currently home to over 100,000 projects covering such diverse areas as crafts, art, kids, electronics, pets, bikes, cars, robotics, green projects, and cooking.  In 2011, we were acquired by Autodesk.  Our benefits are now super-charged!  

We're located at Pier 9 in San Francisco in the world's most advanced workshop directly on the bay with gorgeous natural light and unobstructed views of the Bay Bridge. In our shop, we have CNC everything, a 5-axis waterjet, an 11-axis mill, the largest collection of high-end 3D printers, a woodshop, a metal shop, an enormous test kitchen, industrial sewing machines, and a fully stocked electronics lab. See this Machine Catalog Instructable for a peek. 

If you want to work remotely
Click here for more information about helping out around the Instructables website.

This is the most recent and up to date job listing for Instructables despite the posting date.

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right Isaiahb

Isaiahb1 year ago

wow 603 comments

PatrickP41 year ago

I am 68, retired USAF aircraft avionics, cryptographic systems tech. with a Technician Class HAM Radio license.

I wrote/re-wrote the Standards Installation Manuals (29 volumes) while establishing/teaching the one week school in the Air Force for all installers of Communications Centers, and Bases in America and Europe. Was assigned there for 3.5 years. Also taught micromodular repair, soldering practices, and worked on

the Idlewild RAPCON project, along with the first laser shots to return from the moon.

I am retired, but, rebuild several computers each week for the Friends of the Library,

Seminole county, and other charities, schools, businesses, and families.

I repair LCD monitors and computers down to the component level, TIG weld, and repair motor vehicles, bicycles, as needed. Have a Raspberry Pi B model, and am building a BIT X20A Ham Radio from scratch.

So, I have a few current "brands in the fire", and have a recommendation, to help the newbies...

1. How about a "Standards Page", a "Safe Practices Page", or links to some?

2. A writer guide for projects, so that a 'formula' is followed, as in an outline of tasks.

Thanks for a very informative, exciting, experience! Just watching technology blossom and evolve is a thrill!

If you want to apply for something, there are email addresses in the topic text.

My opinions:

A safety page has been discussed before, but the sheer range and variety of tools, tasks and processes described in the projects here make such a task fall somewhere between "infeasibly unwieldy" and "insanely complex". That's why safe working has been made the responsibility of the end-users (which also stops new authors being put off by the threat of legal action).

Regarding your second point, we do have a set of quality guidelines - http://www.instructables.com/community/Featuring-... - but to recommend a specific formula would make previously creative and distinctive projects start to look rather repetitive and, well, formulaic.

WineSoaked1 year ago

Hey wow! I'm smart, easy to work with, and do Java backend development (Spring, iBATIS/Hibernate, build automation, XML). And I have my own maker blog to boot: http://randybuildsthings.wordpress.com

How shall I reach you to toss my hat in the ring?


Send us an email! It's in there somewhere....

Hello there!

Been a long time reader here! I was hoping to find out if you are looking for a back-end php programmer?

Thanks for everything you do! <3

Is their something I could do from home to help with the Spanish/English instructables, maybe help translate the parts that are unclear.

If you're fluent in Spanish, the translated projects often need a knowing eye cast over them to make sure they read properly, or you can lurk around the Language Forum and help folk that post there (you might want to post a new forum topic to introduce yourself and say what help you can offer).

Thanks, but the links you gave aren't working, are they supposed to be links?

Yes, they were supposed to be links, but there's a bug that breaks them. The first is...


...and the second is...


Not sure if you posted links, but if you did they don't work for me.

Dear Mr. Kiteman. From what I have read you are a man of great patience. I hope you enjoyed your holiday

Thank you very topics useful, beautiful and utilitarian Site

Loganw25431 year ago

I am a freshman in high school I'm 15 years old I've done got my technology certification and electric certification I'm good to to help people on anything they need I try my best to help. I would love I work or this site because it's like my own world! I like to do how To and DIY videos and at home for fun. Please read this in consideration on my side! Thanks Logan Willoughby

At 15, you're probably best looking here:


I'm 18, senior in high school, & live in MS. Do I qualify for anything?

Intern? Remote helper?

kudzu631 year ago

OMG!! I wish y'all had been around about 30 years ago. I would have moved my wife out there and would have most likely preserved my health more than the physically demanding jobs that I did work at. This would have been a dream come true. I would have probably been able to still be working instead of being disabled. LOL

helenbang1 year ago

Hi, I am a high school senior (18), and I was wondering how long your internship program is. Is it possible for me to work for instructables over the summer?

OMG. I have been so enamored by the what instructable does that I have been thinking of applying for job in instructable. I will send and email with my resume and cover letter soon. I always wanter to work for a awesome company and Instructable has got me thinking. I am software tester and already fund few bug in the system...LoL

dhaneshg1 year ago

sir, there is a space for Network administrator engineer? that i will use my skill and knowledge to make better future for you company and myself.

thanking you

If you're applying speculatively, I would put together an impressive CV and portfolio, then send it with a covering letter to the email address mentioned several times in the topic post above.

JM1999 Kiteman1 year ago

Who's that, You?

Kiteman JM19991 year ago

Huh? No, I'm just advising folk how to apply for vacancies that don't currently exist (like network manager) - you need to be able to prove that you are the best thing since sliced bread if you want a company to create a position for you.

O hello mister Kiteman,, positions or vacancy always not exist, but some time created to get better capable and excellent persons.

from- steve jobs

T_Magweta1 year ago

i'm 15,from Zimbabwe,i go to school,hard worker and i also want a position at Instructables because i have going on this website longer than you imagine thank you


Unfortunately, you are currently too young to be employed at Pier 9, but you are not too young to start working on the portfolio that could get you a job there:

> Start publishing instructables of a high standard.

> Be helpful around the site (we have at least one 15 year old who has been invited to join the Community Team).

> Find out about your local Maker community, and join in with it. For instance, a quick google reveals a group in Harare called "Hypercube", who are also on Facebook. Keep a record of your activities with whatever group you join (or start), and include that in your portfolio.

manacho1 year ago

Dear Instructables, I am a member since 2008 , Im a Graphics Designer, Sign Builder and allways trying to create newer and functional things. I run my own shop, plotter and Laser cut Machine and I am also interested in Spanish Community Manager Position I have the time and the disposition to hold that job.

where can I send you my cover letter and portfolio.


Manuel Ignacio Ruiz

The email address is in the text of the topic...

bobbyb11 year ago

problem in download the pdf file

You don't need to post the same comment so often, and this should have been made on the Feedback or Bugs forums.

However, the reason you cannot download a PDF file of a project is because you have not got a "Pro" membership.

If you want to turn Pro, you either have to pay money to do so, or post a cool project that gets Featured, so you get rewarded with a free Pro membership.

ggumggun1 year ago


hforen151 year ago

i well work for you


haldanh1 year ago

i will love to

haldanh1 year ago

never :P

QzzQa1 year ago

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Kiteman QzzQa1 year ago

To apply for the jobs, you must send an email, including a resume ("CV"), cover letter and portfolio to auctoramentum@instructables.com

JM19991 year ago

What positions o you have available in regards to sorting content/choosing finalists?

I am also interested as to what sort of pay you would give to someone working night hours.

Kiteman JM19991 year ago

Depending on what you mean exactly by "sorting content", it would probably come under "community manager" or "generalist designer" (see the main post above).

Choosing finalists is done by the wider community, through voting, and by the general staff at Pier 9, there isn't somebody employed solely to choose finalists (it would be a very intermittent post anyway). Choosing winners is done by a judging team, which you can offer to be on. It's unpaid.

They don't have a night shift - if you see them doing stuff while you're in bed, it could be because they are themselves insomniac, and working on their own time, or you are in a different time zone to them (California is on PST, 8 hours behind UTC).

Of course, you may have some outstanding idea and/or reason for working nights at HQ - I recommend contacting the relevant staff directly and talking to them about it.

JM1999 Kiteman1 year ago

Thanks for coming back on that, I already judge a few of the incoming contests.

I will contact some of the other staff and hopefully they have something for me.

Thanks again,


JonnyBGood1 year ago

Is there anyway I can get an internship through this site? Even if I live in northern Indiana? I've been looking for some: shop, workshop, engineering related experience, and if I could get it with instructibles that would be the best case scenario!

Read the topic, it tells you how to apply.

Thanks! I applied, and I hope I get chosen!

Let us know how it goes.

With pleasure. I also decided to give you a sub because everyone (including me) respect you as an administrator on his site. I decided this for sure after I read your dealings with that guy below me. Very well dealt with, I would have needed to vent afterward.... :/

Thank you!

No problem!

cdharden1 year ago

Can I use the instructable logo on tee shirts to sell?

Probably not, but maybe. For more details, see here:


ajlynch1 year ago

I understand your HQ is based in San Fran, but is there any possibility in the foreseeable future that you may create another location anywhere else in the US?

Porda1 year ago

Hi Kiteman,

I applied for the Generalist Designer/ Technologist position 5 weeks ago. I'm sure other candidates are being pursued, but I'm worried about what to do if another position I feel qualified for is posted. I know some places discard applications if you've applied to more than one open position.

Thanks for your time, and are you getting ready for Oktoberfest?

Kiteman Porda1 year ago

Sorry I didn't answer more quickly, I'm on holiday...

I'm not part of the recruitment team, and cannot offer any opinion on what their policy might be.

My *personal* inclination would be to apply for the second post, but include a comment to the effect that you have always been keen to work for the site, would do well in the first job, but now that the new job has been advertised you think you would be even better for that (and give reasons/evidence to back this up!). However, you know that HQ know what they need better than you do, and you would be happy to work for the site in either role.

Porda Kiteman1 year ago

Sorry to interrupt your holiday, but thank you for the great response. That looks to be a great way to go about it.

Helloo I'm Eric. I dont find mot plz give some new idea to make my welding machine at home.. bcoz without welder I can't make car. I try to make spot welder with normal transformer for just trying to make welder. But it doesn't work..

There are quite a few DIY welders around the site. Have you tried the search function?


(It works best when you are careful with your spelling...)

scharky1 year ago

anything available for a grammar-fascist with an English degree? noticed some glaring typos and grammatical errors around the site...maybe you guys need a rabid proofreader, even part-time? i can imitate robot whirring and bleeping sounds if that helps at all, plus my brain just got updated with the hyperfast Microsoft Grammarplus Chipset....

If you want to exercise your grammar muscles, you're best doing it on voluntary victims. They can usually be found in the Clinic: http://www.instructables.com/community/The-Clinic...

If you find issues with syntax or spelling on the site architecture or in an admin-created document (like a contest), let us know at service at instructables.com. If the issue is on an individual project submitted by an author, just leave it alone. Grammar fascism is as popular as old-fashioned fascism. That said:

We've given away t-shirts without the r, I've nearly written account without the o, and we don't notice until someone points them out.

nstokes12 years ago

I don't know if you guys do stuff like this are not. But I thought I would drop a line to see if you guys do. I think there is a market for something I'm thinking of. I know about 20 people that are like me and think it would be great to have something like what I'm will till you about. I don't know if you guys even do stuff like this are not But you might want to think about putting lights some how on wheel chair's for people that use them to go out on the street's. People in cars just don't watch for people in wheelchair's at all. But I think if they had some kind of lighting on it that it might help. It's just an idea. If you do come up with something email me nrmstok@yahoo.com are if you need a gene pig.

Hello NStokes1. I have nothing to do with Pier 9, as I'm simply a member. I just wanted to comment on your idea. I think that what you are talking about is a fantastic idea. I used to be a tech at a motorcycle shop and we did this for a very independent young man who visited our store from time to time and who had all of us seriously terrified for him that he was going to be hit on the major and very busy road he would regularly travel. In fact, at some point long before I'd met him, he actually DID get hit by a truck. The story is funny of course after the fact but still horrifying none the less! One day a truck did not see him crossing the road (legally) at a turn lane and though his w/c was not hit hard at all, he wound up with both handles stuck to the grill of this truck and was pushed quite a way down the road horrifying everyone traveling in the opposite direction! Luckily the driver caught on quickly from all the honks and urgent pointing. He really was very, VERY lucky he didn't get hurt or worse. Once it was over with, he thought it was super fun that he got to go fast in his chair! Can you imagine?!? OMG!

So, we outfitted his motorized w/c with lights mounted high on extended posts to the outside of the frame in front of the handles which were his "real" headlights with yellow running lights that were also his turn signals just below them. He also got flashing running lights at four corner points of his chair. Plus, for kicks and his absolute joy we gave him a horn as well! Since we didn't want to risk him running out of juice from his main battery, a tray was created for a motorcycle battery and mounted near the base of the chair.

That young man was SO incredibly happy that someone took the time to do this for him! When he showed up to pick up his chair, he was so happy with what we had done that everyone was trying very hard to choke back tears. Most of us were not successful with that!

He was already pretty independent with that chair but with his new lights?!? He was king of the road!!!

I SO wish I had pix to show!!!

What a story! Ended surprisingly well... could easily be the opposite, as many other.

I have no idea how it is in US, but here in Portugal can be pretty dangerous to ride a bike (I won't enven refer to a wheel chair, as for exemple from where I live, there's no sidewalks in 3-4km of those 5km to the center of the town), for our bad roads or for the unconscious overspeeders. Two weeks ago I got really scared coming back home, and it was still daylight! The car passed me at +-90km/h, less than 50cm close. If it was a truck, it would have certainly suck me up right after passing me. Many people already died around here (not on "my" road) for that reason.

Lights can be life savers! Even if they can't avoid those ignorants that shouldn't have a license to drive. I wish them the worst luck!

do you mean a push wheel chair

im software engineer also creative worker from sri lanka. im like to work with you ,any freelancer work ?

jtaukuheke2 years ago

Namibia`s too far....

Jezan2 years ago

too far from the Philippines. :((

Should I be receiving any application confirmation or rejection notices? I've sent an email last week and haven't received any follow up response.

lileffects2 years ago

Do you ever hire electronics geeks to build, verify, and/or fix instructables on the site? I've been an electronics hobbyist for a couple of decades, and working in the electronics industry for roughly a decade. I've built custom audio electronics for several well known musicians as well. Unfortunately, I don't have an EE degree so I have to rely on namedropping and the long list of projects and hands-on experience that I have.
Is there a place for the seemingly uneducated at Instructables?

The best qualification for an internship is a track record of publishing awesome projects as instructables.

Time to start creating...

Porda2 years ago

Is it likely to get an interview if you're not in California? Personally, I'm in North Carolina, but I'd happily relocate for Instructables.

Kiteman Porda2 years ago

Since most of the current staff are not Californian, some are even Canadian, I'd say "go for it".

pcpolyzine2 years ago

A highlight of my day is reading responses on this message board. I am a 58 year-old disabled woman in Maryland, USA who worked for years as a product adaptation specialist. My daughter calls me a serial entrepreneur. My advice to anyone interested in getting involved at Instructables is to learn from people like Akin Yildiz who wants this in his bones. He never asks "how much" or "what" is in it for him. He already knows the answer. If you are serious about wanting to be at Instructables in any capacity, the most important question to ask is "when should I get there?" Best regards, J Havel, Columbia, MD, USA, Earth

PS - "Earth" added in case some day it becomes a necessary part of the address.

Akin Yildiz2 years ago

i wash dishes during the day and save the planet at night thru instructables.com.... i will move there for an internship just to get help to finish my design in mind !


Send in your application - the worst that can happen is they say "not this time".

The first requirement on all of these should probably be "Located in the Bay Area". Because even though I would kill it as the "Design-Focused Woodworker" and got excited, I am, alas in Los Angeles..

You could move, rent a place in Oakland.

Light_Lab2 years ago

Got all excited about the "Fashion Monster" job for my daughter, she is a perfect match to the job description except for one thing, wrong bay area. She lives in Melbourne Australia.
As for "Materials Scientist, 3D Printing" that exactly describes me and my job before I retired after doing that work for 32 years, I was even doing the 3D algorithm work and some of the programing. I still consult but again wrong country.

Just when is someone going to invent Star Trek style teleportation i{^_^}

How long will the job application for Editor / Digital Storyteller / Videographer be available?

mtkk712 years ago

The inetructables.com is a good web site and I am looking forward in it ...I am in internet marketing and working upon him as K.B.Enterprises .....Thanks!

mtkk(Taufiq Khan)

Allow serious people like us to apply

how old do i have to be for a internship?

How old are you?

i am 15 7/6 years old is that a acceptable age?

You'll probably need to involve a parent or legal guardian to arrange anything more than a visit.

inTrustme2 years ago

Mates, what is the required age for your Position of Videographer ?
Actually I don't wanted to mention my age, so for the reply (if wished by you ha) send me an email.
Mail - smartmayank97@gmail.com

"Please send a resume, demo reel, and a 1 minute video cover letter that tells the story of why you'd be great for this position to auctoramentum at instructables dot com.

Make the subject of your email robot-related, and, if possible, witty."

cool I might apply

akshaypatil2 years ago

i liked it

ahmad raza2 years ago

love u all

love u all

How many internship positions are there or can there only be one?

xe1ybc092 years ago

Hi everybody

nathim1002 years ago


hunter9992 years ago

Sounds good!

JM19992 years ago


manacho2 years ago

Hello I joined Instructables in 2008, and i follow you in every day. I have seen that you need bilingual help, I can work for you manage the new influx of projects in Spanish and provide help to
Spanish-language authors just getting started with Instructables.


Manuel (Manacho)

Kiteman manacho2 years ago

"Send an email to auctoramentum at instructables dot com letting us know you've applied. Make the subject line of your email to us robot-related, and, if possible, witty. Of particular interest to us is your portfolio. Make sure to highlight your coolest projects!"

nbaldan2 years ago

I could work as a designer, as a workshop manager and as a bilingual intern. I've taken the Cisco ccna 1,I've a gook knowledge of all types of graphics.