Possibility Of A Fully Automatic Knex gun

I have created an idea (i think) to make a gun fully Automatic. Fully Automatic, meaning that you can hold the trigger and fire until the mag is out of bullets. I am pretty sure with some tweaking my idea will work but I have to get around to doing it. I would like some input or some tips as far as what to try. No I'm not going to share the exact idea just yet :)

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Moeses (author) 8 years ago
well its been a wile and I have still not been able to test my idea so I shall share it and hope someone else can perfect It ( my grammar and spelling may be off, same with scientific terms :P) The whole Idea started with a Sniper Rifle I had made, It was a simple mag fed single shot, with a "bolt action" cocking system. It was fun, but it just was not enough. So I thought about peoples favorite topic on Knex ( or so i feel) which is being able to replicate the amazing power of Semi auto. So, after some thinking and some researching I divised a plan, When the Ram is pulled back, there are rubber bands providing a forward force, so, if you could get a force to send the ram backward when it is fired ( a high powered easy to compress spring was my idea) and then re lock, this would simulate the "blow back" of a real gun, In talking to a physics teacher, I ran into a couple problems, I would have to get the exact ration, other wise it would not work, or i would have to add another power to the spring. I still am in the proccess of testing somethings , but I have gotten a life, and not had much time at all latly :( so If anyone would like to try my idea and call it their own ( not recomended) you can, I would appreiciate if, sucsessful, I can be at least mentioned in the design of the new gun. :) thank you !
ironman698 years ago
I have a new mech it fires 7 rps on full-auto I swear to GOD!! it use a rubberband for power not a motor so it can use a true trigger not a switch. Only thing is it uses a drum mag type thingy with only 8 shots so I find my self re-loading every like 3 seconds even after pulsing it. am trying to make it use a BELT!! so that means more rounds to shoot:)
Der Bradly8 years ago
I know what it is going to be. The Trigger pulls a cog back, and it allows the gears to move and the gun to fire
well why dont you build one then?
Too lazy :P
that's a great characteristic! except not really.
I know. At least i admit it, and that is what counts.
yep. btw: i had no school today
What?! Lucky
yea, it was the elementary schools end of trimester so i was like hey fine by me.
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